The blissfulness of meditation (1)

The blissfulness of meditation

How the nothingness of meditation becomes everything. By Dr. Melissa Susan Krieger

A blissful state lies in wait of self-discovery. Through meditation, you can connect intimately with an omnipresent void you will welcome as a new friend. Identifying this silent gap between all the thinking you do contextualizes the abstraction of meditation into the meaning of bliss. Another way to think of meditation is the concept of nothing becoming everything. Through a commitment to meditate daily, the space between one thought to the next can be accessed and expanded. Once discovered, the nothing space grows, leading to greater awareness and presence in every aspect of your life.

One vehicle toward a deep meditation is breath and body awareness strategies. Alternating slow, luxurious inhales and exhales with more forceful breaths and doing a silent body scan with your eyes closed are two techniques you can use on your own. If you are looking to ease into a practice you can direct yourself, take a look at my OM Yoga article 5 Tips for Practicing Mindfulness. Setting time aside to find and participate in your inner life, sets the stage for healing meditation experiences that will have valuable influence on day-to-day living. If following simple directions to lead yourself into meditation is not for you, download a meditation app. or work with a yoga and meditation teacher who knows just a little more about meditating than you do. Most importantly? Practice every day!