Sonic Breathwork

Sonic Breathwork

Christopher August is on a mission to teach others how to unlock the greatness within via the power of conscious breathing and sound. From the way we breathe to the way we lead, create and relate, he aims to inspire a new paradigm of conscious, connected living on planet earth. Here, he explains how we can unlock some of that greatness that is already within us with a few simple techniques.

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It’s no secret we live in unprecedented times. Our world is facing a global mental health epidemic, and the challenges that lie before us demand new approaches to how we live and lead our lives. Yet, in this fast-paced, digitally-driven society, it can seem almost impossible to experience the harmony, happiness and balance we all desperately seek.

With millions of messages flooding our brains, and with more to do (and less time to do it in), the push and pull between work, relationships, family, finances and self-care can feel extremely overwhelming, resulting in greater levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 1 in 5 Americans (57.8 million) are experiencing mental illness. As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in substance abuse, addiction and suicide. Therefore, now, more than ever, there is a greater demand for easy, effective and accessible tools that help everyday people experience sustainable and long[1]lasting peace and fulfilment.

And it all begins with your breath.

The single essence of life that pervades all living creatures is the breath. We can survive days without water and even weeks without food, but without the breath, we would cease to exist. However, the breath is more than something that just keeps us alive, it is the key to our liberation, helping us to heal, expand and ultimately thrive.

When we begin to move from an unconscious state to a conscious awareness of our breath everything begins to change. When we begin to shift our focus from the external world into our internal landscapes and begin to intentionally work with our breath, we begin to awaken a new sense of vitality, peace, joy and freedom from within.

The power of conscious breathing

The breath is the link between body and mind, between spirit and matter, and between the conscious and the unconscious mind. This timeless technology has the ability to completely transform, optimise and elevate how you think and feel within a matter of minutes. Ancient wisdom about the vast potential and power of conscious breathing, science and research and modern-day holistic healing experts are now aligning to irrefutably validate that the quality of each breath is the single most powerful thing we can do to cultivate physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual wellbeing.

Over the past decade there has been an emergence of various healing modalities and one in particular that is rapidly growing, is breathwork. Breathwork in itself is an ancient healing modality that has been practiced for thousands of years in many Eastern cultures.

It is an active form of meditation that utilises the power of conscious and rhythmic breathing patterns to bring awareness to our bodies, minds and emotions and as a result release stuck and stagnant energy, resulting in a greater sense of overall wellbeing.

There are many different types of breathwork techniques, including those derived from ancient traditions such as yoga and pranayama, as well as modern approaches developed by practitioners and researchers.

On a basic level, rhythmic pranayama breathing hyper-oxygenates the body, bringing in more oxygen and blowing out more carbon dioxide than normal, which synchronises and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and taps into the neural networks of the brain, guiding you from beta to theta brainwave states, while also elevating your dopamine and serotonin levels, which play a crucial role in your mood, sleep, emotional health and more.

The power of sound

The history of using sound and frequencies for healing traces back to ancient civilisations, where various cultures recognised the profound impact of sound on the human mind, body and spirit. The ancient Greeks, for instance, had a deep understanding of the mathematical relationships between musical notes and their influence on emotions and health. Pythagoras, renowned for his contributions to mathematics, explored the concept of the “music of the spheres,” suggesting that celestial bodies emitted frequencies that resonated with the harmony of the cosmos.

In Eastern traditions, practices like chanting and the use of specific musical scales were employed to promote healing and balance the body’s energy systems. Fast forward to the 20th century, and researchers like Dr. Hans Jenny and Dr. Royal Rife delved into the effects of sound vibrations on living organisms, laying the groundwork for contemporary sound healing practices.

Sound and sound frequencies operate on the principle that everything in the universe vibrates at a specific frequency. When our bodies fall out of harmony due to stress, illness, or emotional turmoil, the idea is that specific sound frequencies can help restore balance. Scientifically, this process is linked to the concept of resonance, where one vibrating object can influence another by emitting a similar frequency.

Different frequencies are associated with various states of consciousness, emotions and overall wellbeing. For instance, the frequency of 528 Hz is often referred to as the ‘Love Frequency’ and is believed to promote healing, inner peace and stress reduction. In contrast, the 432 Hz frequency is thought to resonate with the natural order of the universe, providing a sense of calm and clarity.

One of the primary benefits of sound healing is its ability to induce a state of deep relaxation, which can counteract the harmful effects of chronic stress. The soothing sounds produced by instruments like Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, or tuning forks can help release tension from the body, slow down the heart rate, and ease the mind into a meditative state.

Sound vibrations have the power to penetrate deep within the emotional body, facilitating the release of stored trauma and negative emotions. The resonating frequencies create a safe space for emotional expression, helping individuals process and release pent-up feelings, leading to a sense of emotional wellbeing.

As we continue to navigate the complexities of daily life, embracing the ancient wisdom of sound can be a transformative and accessible tool for achieving balance and harmony within ourselves.

Sonic Breathwork for Total Life Transformation

At Beats and Breath, we are on a mission to activate human potential and create a more conscious and connected world through the primordial power of breath and sound. Our innovative technology and practice, Sonic Breathwork, blends ancient, rhythmic breathing techniques with modern, cutting[1]edge musical compositions and the latest advancements in bioacoustics to create an immersive, invigorating, and expansive experience.

It’s essentially like meditation on rocket fuel. Each of our Sonic Breathwork sessions and journeys provides a blueprint for total life transformation, supporting you to create and experience profound physiological and energetic shifts.

Some of the many benefits you may experience from a regular practice include:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced focus and clarity
  • Heightened states of flow and creativity
  • Increased happiness and peace
  • Release of limiting beliefs and trauma
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Improved immune response.
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Improved digestion
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Deeper connection to your soul and purpose
  • Increased manifestation potential
  • Enhanced intuition and psychic abilities

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been a long-time meditator, Sonic Breathwork is a tool and practice that will empower you to elevate your life on all levels from your health and wellbeing to your relationships to your business and beyond. To begin your journey, you can access the entire Beats and Breath library of breathwork, meditations and sound healing by downloading the free iOS and Android app at:

Christopher August is a master breathwork and meditation facilitator, entrepreneur, CEO and the founder behind the transformative Guided Breathwork app Beats and Breath, dedicated to activating human potential through the power of breath and sound. He also hosts a popular podcast called The Masculine Mastery. Visit:

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