Sing away the stress

Sing away the stress

The top meditation tracks on Spotify that will melt away your stress

Everyone loves music! Even if you’re not into dancing (why not?), music has a way to reflect our mood, whether that’s happy, sad, or somewhere in between. There’s a song out there for everyone and everything — including meditation.

You’ve probably already got your favourites for chilling out, but now some clever folks have put together a long list of the most stress-busting tunes out there, including tracks that are ideal for meditation.

Irish physio equipment company crafted its sophisticated playlist using data on Spotify to find the most effective songs and playlists for meditation. It did similar lists for helping with sleep and stress as part of efforts to raise awareness of men’s health.

Sing away the stress

On the right is a list of the top 20 meditation tunes, drawn from four playlists (Peaceful Meditation, Yoga & Meditation, Meditate to the Sounds of Nature and Yoga & Meditation Ambient Music).


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