Shine through the chakras

Upgrade your operating system through the energetic compass of the chakras. By Schamet Horsfield

Chakras, chakras chakras…you have probably been hearing this word a lot recently, but what does it really mean? Is it just another ‘woo woo’ spiritual fad to sell more yoga classes, workshops, and rainbow coloured yoga pants?

Perhaps, but there’s also an ancient wisdom attached to the word ‘chakra’.

Just like a great new little café that becomes the talk of the town, chakras are making their way into people’s lives like a recipe for divine success. Providing an amazing map to higher levels of consciousness where you can feel tapped, tuned in and manifest your dreams into reality.

But what are chakras?

The word ‘chakra’ is Sanskrit and means ‘spinning wheels of light’. The chakra system is taken very seriously in the East and is part of a much bigger system, philosophy and way of life.

The system is, in essence, a map of the human energy field.

There are seven main chakras that relate to different regions of the body and brain including our organs, nerve clusters, meridians, emotions, thought patterns and human consciousness. From the microcosm to the macrocosm, chakras also relate to time, space, geographic locations as well as human history and evolution.

The chakras provide a fascinating system and tool used and integrated by many different cultures. Specifically, it originated from Tantra and ancient Vedic science. The chakras are said to the seven keys for transforming the map of consciousness.

Energy programs

World renowned author of 'Eastern Body, Western Mind’ and chakra teacher Anodea Judith, gives this analogy: “Our body is the hardware. The mind is the software. Our belief system is our operating system. Yoga is a pathway. The chakra system is a profound map to wholeness and to manifestation. They are also portals between the inner and outer worlds.”

Our chakras are like programs stored within our body and mind and moulded from birth. These programs are impacted by the kind of childhood and home life we had, the country we grew up in, and even the generation we grew with. Whether we are aware of these programs or not, they affect our choices and the life we live.

If our programs are not operating at maximum capacity or if some of our programs are ‘buggy’, our personal reality does not match the reality we want and life can feel like it’s not working out the way we want it too.

Have you experienced reoccurring relationship issues? Or do you keep trying to lose weight but just end up frustrated and falling back into old patterns? Maybe, despite all of the positive affirmations you tell yourself, your self-confidence seems to be stuck? Or people just don’t seem to be respecting you lately?

Charka therapy

If any of this resonates with you, it might be time to upgrade your operating system!

What does it mean to upgrade your operating system?

When our hardware and software are upgraded through chakra therapy we can shift the energy (or Prana as it is know in Sanskrit) and remove the blocked energy that is causing our ‘dis-ease’. When our human body has energy flowing, a bit like a crystal clear river, we become more tuned in and dance gracefully through life. After all, as the late, great Albert Einstein noted: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.”

In order to dance gracefully through life with a solid grounding, connection, strength, ease, power, love, joy, passion, and purpose we must be clear and in tune with our own energy field and consciousness. We must be able to free ourselves as much as possible from our own blockages, self-limiting beliefs, family and/or self-created baggage, fears, judgements, energetic and emotional imbalances and self-criticism.

Once we release the energy stuck in the body and clear our mind of toxic thoughts, we can channel high levels of divinity and creativity through our vessel, our human body, for the soul. We can achieve divine consciousness with ease and grace. We become tuned in and life just flows. We live the dream and dream the life we want into reality.

When we have strong and well-balanced chakras, we know who we are, what we want, and we go out there and make it happen from a place of feeling connected and grounded. We know our place in the world and we are not afraid to make our dreams come true. We feel, speak, and express from a place of truth, love, beauty and spread love and light wherever we go. Because our human vessel is clear and vibrant, we reap the rewards of vibrant health and our energy field vibrates at a loving frequency. We become in tune with our higher self and our crown chakra naturally opens; once we are open, we can receive new ideas. When our mind is clear and our hearts are open our true soul path and life work results as true joy and contentment.


Based in New Zealand, Schamet Horsfield is a chakra yoga teacher, energy healer, and teaches chakra workshops and retreats. Her Journey Through the Chakras Workshop offers a seven-week path of self-discovery journeying step-by-step through the chakra system to become more aware of your chakras and how to open and balance them. She is hosting master teacher of the chakra system, Anodea Judith, this month in Wellington (November 13-17) for her world-famous workshop ‘Mastering the Charge in Your Body, Your Emotions, and Your Chakras’, a transformative five-day training based on the book ‘Charge the Energy Body’. This workshop will explore simple techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere for a ‘quick fix’ and guide in creating a chakra-based practice that will have a powerful cumulative effect on your life.

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