Shakti Ma

Unlock the power of yoga meditation and mantras through Matangi Devi's debut album, ‘Shakti Ma’

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Hailing a new season of enchanting, resonant music steeped in ancient wisdom and mantras of the Vedic world, singer-songwriter Matangi Devi has released her debut album ‘Shakti Ma’. The multi-talented musician, renowned Hatha yoga instructor and revered Vedic astrologer takes listeners on a transcendental journey that helps people find their inner zen. Matangi understands that to truly appreciate the depth of chanting mantras, yoga and meditation people need to step into a guided journey through the darkness and into the light. The music offers an immersive experience celebrating spirituality, wellness and mindfulness. Her mission is to reframe how people perceive mantras, meditation and yoga, making it an intentional healing and wellness experience. Available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms

You can listen to Shakti Ma here: mB3-UAML7JEA

For more information on yoga, meditation and mantras visit Matangi Devi online at: or follow her on social media. IG: @matangidevi

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