Revolved Triangle
(Parivrtta Trikonasana)


  • Fantastic for developing balance and coordination.
  • Stretches and strengthens the whole back and core.
  • As with other twists, Revolved Triangle is a great way to stimulate the internal organs, as well as opening the chest and heart.

Common Mistakes

  • Letting the hips drop and the spine round in trying to get the bottom hand to the floor, rather than using blocks or other props.
  • Keeping the feet too close together: unless you are practicing a very strict style of yoga, have a play with widening the stance to help balance and allow the hips to come level.


  • Begin with the base: if the right foot is at the front, try pulling the right hip back (imagine trying to drag the right heel towards the centre of the mat) and at the same time encourage the left hip forwards.
  • Find length in the spine by reaching forwards through the crown of the head.
  • Squeeze the shoulder blades together to help the chest open up.
  • Give the body time to build the flexibility.


  • Direct the gaze to where it is most comfortable for the neck: looking towards the top hand provides more of a challenge for balance but can also add strain to the neck.
  • Be patient with this asana. As with everything, some days there may be more tightness in the body than others and you might need to use a block to find length. Embrace what your body needs and enjoy exploring the different sensations.

Jim Baxter is a yoga teacher with classes across Hertfordshire.
Find him on Instagram - @jimbyoga and online – vinovinyasa.co.uk

Jim Baxter

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