Reduce Stress With this Simple Breathwork “Hack”

Reduce Stress With this Simple Breathwork “Hack”

Discover the Simple 'Hack' to Calm Your Mind, Activate Healing, and Transform Your Life with SOMA Breath- By Niraj Naik

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Stress, anxiety and hopelessness are a widespread disease.

Since the pandemic ended we may have gone back to “normal life”, but survey data suggests we may all be more traumatized than we want to accept.

A survey made by the Harris Poll's meta-analysis for Mental Health Awareness month reveals a critical situation in the U.S. concerning mental health care. While there's an increased acknowledgment of mental health's importance, paralleling physical health, and reduced stigma around discussing it, the actual access to and provision of care lag significantly. The data highlights a wide gap between the need for mental health services and the availability or utilization of such services.

And it’s understandable because the world is crazy.

But you can manage it and avoid it from harming you.

Keep reading to learn a small “hack” to neutralize those feelings and find peace among the chaos…


If you apply what you’re about to learn, it will be the beginning of something amazing for you.

And I’m not just saying that…

Hundreds of thousands worldwide have experienced powerful transformations with SOMA Breath.

Check out this comment below from one of our students:

“My wife and I both lost our jobs, and the breathing sessions give me an inner strength I can’t explain, and now everything I’ve manifested is coming to fruition!” - Michael Lang.

So let’s get on it!


Imagine a gazelle drinking water.

All is peaceful.

Then, the Lion shows up and the Gazelle runs off as fast as it can!

100% fight or flight mode.

Outrun the lion or die…

Talk about stress!!!!

Let’s say the Gazelle fought back, kicked with all its might and survived.

The lion leaves, the threat ends, and the Gazelle goes into Facebook and tells everyone about it!

Haha I’m kidding.

Once the threat is gone, the animal goes back to peacefully munching on grass like nothing happened.

It doesn’t dwell on the danger that just passed or how it could happen again later that day.

It just hangs out in the sun, and lets the nervous system relax, digest and heal.


For some reason, we like to dwell on things.

Whether the threat is present or not… We like to feed the hamster in our minds and it can become mega stressful!

Mental chatter (and especially emotionally charged mental chatter) is like you’re talking.

Without realizing it, you end up breathing more because your brain is very active.

Your demand for energy goes up when you don’t really need it!

Your mind is going crazy and if you’re thinking fearful, anxious thoughts…

Your nervous system is in fight or flight mode producing adrenaline and cortisol, which constricts the blood vessels.

This increases blood pressure, getting blood to the muscles and vital organs quickly!

This is a strategic survival response.

It helps to redirect blood flow away from the skin and digestive system, towards everything you need for immediate survival like the heart and muscles.

Do you see why if you’re stressed out, your body can’t relax, rest nor heal?

You can’t do both at the same time.

So the Gazelle definitely needs the tension in the body to survive the threat!

There’s basically no time to “rest nor digest” because you gotta “run and survive!”

But if you’re sitting down doing nothing, there’s absolutely no point in firing up your survival mode.

So even if you’re trying to relax, your own mind may be playing against you!

In the long run, this constant state of stress can have horrible effects in your health, relationships, career, etc.

So it’s not about the threat. It’s about how you feel when the threat is not right in front of you.


First of all…

It’s foolish to think that you can control the mind through the mind.

You just can’t think your way out of over thinking…

This is another reason why meditation alone doesn’t work for some people.

Even if you sit down with your eyes closed, your mind will take the opportunity to dwell on your problems.

You have to engage the body and your breath is the KEY!


Here’s the “hack” I promised you.

It’s perfectly safe for anyone to try it. Just make sure you’re not driving or operating anything dangerous while you’re doing it.

1. Sit comfortably, with your spine straight.

2. Take a deep inhale…

3. And with a sharp, quick, soft exhale, shoot out the air through your mouth and hold with NO air.

4. Relax there for a few seconds.

5. Take another inhale, and again, make a quick, soft exhale and hold with no air for a little bit. You can start with 10-15 seconds and progress to longer exhale holds if it feels fine. 

6. Repeat this a few times, and as you hold your breath after exhalation…

Notice how calm your mind becomes and how your senses are more aware of the environment.

Cool isn’t it?


The exhale and hold you just tried is very powerful.

It slows down the burning of energy, so there are significantly less thoughts.

It almost becomes difficult to think.

When you do this on a regular basis (and following specific protocols) you will start awakening dormant parts of your brain, giving you visions and ideas that will feel amazing in your body.

That’s where the “switch” happens.

Your mind no longer goes against you, but it helps you create the life you actually want!


This is only an introduction.

Truth is, when you REALLY get into Breathwork, the benefits may surprise you.

Breathwork practitioners report getting much deeper sleep and waking up with fresh energy, motivation and clarity of mind.

That’s without mentioning all of the incredible healing stories of people who doctors had given up on!

Soma Breath’s most popular program is the 21-Day Awakening Breath Journey and the results have been so powerful and consistent that Cambridge University decided to do a study on it!

Check out the comment below from one of our members:


“Just completed the 21-day awakening, and I do feel awakened! I am so excited. I am about to review all the information for becoming an instructor! I had the gut feeling immediately when I began the 21 days that this was for me, and still, as I complete the program, I feel this way. It is quite miraculous how hard this has hit me, how my brain is working better, how I feel more energy, how I see my purpose much more clearly, and how I feel forward-moving energy. This is just so great!” - Sarah Falter.


Click on this link for a free 11 mins SOMA Breath + Music meditation for deep relaxation >>

All you have to do is listen to soothing music and follow along with a very simple breathing exercise for 11 mins.

Do it once per day, or at night before you go to sleep, for 7 days and notice how you feel.

Then find us and let us know how things are going for you.

Much love and positive energy



SOMA Breath Founder

Niraj Naik

Niraj Naik – ex-pharmacist turned holistic health expert, founder of the international school of breathwork Soma Breath. After working for several years as a community pharmacist, Niraj saw firsthand just how ineffective and even damaging pharmaceutical drugs can be. When he found himself a patient of stress-related depression and ulcerative colitis, he embarked on a journey of profound self-healing and education.