Yoga Life Studio online platform came into existence last autumn. Eva Kristlova runs a yoga studio with around 20 yoga teachers delivering their classes there. Through them, and the Yoga Life Teacher Training programme now with over 80 graduates, an incredible yoga community has developed and grown.

As the pandemic hit and all yoga studios, gyms and leisure centres had to close, most of the teachers lost a space to teach from; their classes crumbled, and a mild panic set in. Kristlova was wondering what she could do to help her fellow teachers and colleagues, all of their lovely clients and, of course, the yoga studio itself that she looks after. How can everyone come together and provide a service that is not limited by social distancing and that everyone can enjoy?

The idea for the online yoga studio was born. Kristlova contacted her fellow teachers asking what they thought and immediately over 20 of them responded that they were in! Everything started to move quite fast but smoothly, a sign that the teachers were on the right path. She says she had no idea how she would make it all happen…but she would, and she did! With the help of some wonderful IT support, the new online platform was ready to go live three weeks after the initial idea.

Can you imagine the buzz and activity of the teachers, recording the classes, editing, emailing, uploading, downloading and sweating? All with a clear purpose to make this work and deliver a service to anyone who is in need of yoga, all delivered to their home.

Within just three weeks there were over 100 classes on the website and a few clients already signed up ready to try them all out.

There are new classes being recorded and shared now. Currently, there are over 500 classes on the platform, delivered by over 20 teachers. The styles range from Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and Restorative Yoga to Yin, Meditation and Yoga Nidra, suitable for all. The class times range from just five minutes to two-hour long classes.

The beauty of the online classes is that the teachers can record them anywhere, whether it is at the studio, at home or even outdoors. And students can practice them wherever they are and whenever they like. It’s a win-win situation.

You can find very unique outdoor classes on the Yoga Life platform too. Enjoy the stunning views of the iconic Cuckmere River, join in the Sunset and Beach Yoga; some classes even take you to snowy Norway! The classes and locations are unique, varied, informative and fun. And there is lots to explore. If you are an animal lover, you will be pleased to see little puppy helpers in some of the classes too!

Members also get access to free live Zoom classes where students can practice in real time and have a chat before or after class.

OM readers can enjoy a free ‘one week trial’, simply email: or visit the main Yoga Life Studio website:

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