Personal sustainability

Personal sustainability

Spiritual expressions in the name of the divine: how ethical yoga wear can be a cornerstone of our personal commitment to sustainability. By Nik Parmar

As the world moves towards a new, more liberal era, the concept of spiritual expression in fashion, is being taken to a new level. And it’s one that more and more people will want to be mindful of during these unprecedented times if they are to incorporate the most important kind of sustainability into their lives — personal sustainability. This is about accountability and taking responsibility for one’s actions and impact on our world.

Only a tranquil, optimistic and mindful soul can unravel the beauties of everyday life and not take them for granted. As yogis, this is all part of our path. It is reflected in the very clothing we choose. From gemstone rosaries to Vedic-inspired attire, spiritually themed fashion reveals the connection between humanity, spirituality and the freedom to express oneself in the name of the divine. Each and every detail is meditated upon without offending the source of inspiration.

Far beyond ‘products’ alone, it is the spiritual characteristics around self-growth, identity, and wellness, which have become the main fashion mantra informing this mindset. As a fashion yogi man of today’s world, I view style trends as meditation practices:

  • flowing into Eastern cultural beliefs
  • tapping into ayurvedic influences
  • wellbeing and wellness concepts manifested out of gemstones and metals
  • discovering aura energy manifesting from chakra openings and blockages
  • receiving psychic affirmations symbolic and yantra interpretations

Jewellery and accessories have remanifested with an aura of mysticism and serenity; the stones, charms and symbols on a necklace or bracelet unambiguously remind us to subtly examine our souls. They can provide us with enthusiasm and a bright outlook for the new day ahead. We live moments more brightly; they become sharply noticed with each glance at the visually-outstanding pieces.

Various types of jewellery worn can connect and activate the chakras associated with that part of the body.

For example, if a serpentine crystal necklace is touching the heart chakra, then spiritual emotion is invoked.

There are also the benefits from acupressure points in the body where the jewellery is worn and can relieve physical, psychological, or spiritual distress.

The type of metal worn has a spiritual significance too. Gold, for instance, creates an experience of calmness, feelings of bliss and increased spiritual protection. It augments the absolute fire principle enabling activation of the upper four chakras. Silver, meanwhile, activates healing and the emission of positive energy. It has the ability to activate the lower three chakras.

Gemstones also contribute to the subtle effect of the jewellery. As per the science of astrology, the positions of planets have a considerable influence on the lives of people. When the rays coming from the sun, moon and other planets are reflected through these gems, they can have a favourable effect on the physical body. Also, in relation to this, there is a subtle science behind wearing rings with specific stones to avoid distress due to planetary positions.

The spiritual mindset of the designer and craftsman will also have an influence as their consciousness will become part of the energy.

When wearing a spiritual brand product, try to feel it with all your senses. Connect the physical stimuli with what’s within you and try to channel a good intention. Try to manifest your thoughts even before buying the product and ask yourself these questions:

  • How does this product help me improve as a person?
  • Does the product reflect my ethos, feelings, aspirations and character?
  • Is it good for my wellbeing?
  • Who made the product?

Take a dip into the creative ocean of spiritual related designs, a universal concept for everyone to dive into. Your mind, body and soul – and the planet – will thank you for it.

By Nik Parmar, Spiritual Gypsy Ltd (

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