“Make each day your masterpiece” John Wooden

One Yoga London is a boutique yoga and Pilates studio just off Hornsey High Street in north London. Called a ‘hidden gem’, it offers you a warm welcome and a calm respite from your hectic world.

Whether you’ve never set foot on a yoga mat before or you can scratch your nose with your toes, you’ll find the right class to make you feel energised, uplifted and amazing.

Light streams into the fully equipped studio for the daily classes, including:

  • Yoga Basics: chatty and laid back for a welcoming, relaxed vibe
  • Yoga Flow: a dynamic workout that reaches every part of your body & mind
  • Honey Flow: so you can chill out, reboot and feel great
  • Yin Yoga & Mindfulness: deep stretching that feels oh-so-good
  • Pilates Sculpt: a mix of yoga and Pilates to get your heart pumping and arms wobbling in minutes

The hand-picked teachers here have the depth of experience to guide you expertly through poses, and the warmth, kindness and humour to make you feel at home. So why not make your day a masterpiece and go visit for yourself?



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