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Nuasan Active Body Wash

A revolutionary body wash to relieve sore and tired muscles, that smells amazing. Crafted as part of a range of body-care products specifically tailored for sports and active people, it’s enriched with natural magnesium and arnica so users can recover quicker, perform better and feel great. Both ingredients help to relieve sore muscles and joints as well as stiffness, tiredness and aching muscles. It also contains L+pH Control, a unique, naturally antibacterial ingredient that tackles problems caused by sweat to give you long lasting body freshness, super-soft skin and fewer breakouts. Naturally hygienic, it works by bringing the skin’s pH level back to its normal state, meaning bad bacteria can no longer thrive on your skin.


High Grade Living Handbook

This book will help you shift from stressed, anxious and overwhelmed to creative, grounded and happy, by using ancient knowledge and applying it to modern living. Authors Jacqui Lewis and Arran Russell teach you all you need to know to become part of the growing meditation movement. They demonstrate how a strong foundation of meditation can benefit all areas of our lives, from the home to relationships, creativity and happiness. Packed with inspiring photography, making the lessons approachable and easy to apply, the book presents a visual feast of travel and beautiful interiors, with advice on achieving clarity and living a more conscious life. Available from all online bookstores.


Ben & Anna Equality Toothbrushes

Made from environmentally-friendly and sustainable meso bamboo, which has natural antibacterial properties. The brush heads are made of BPA-free, recycled nylon and therefore also support sustainability. Packaging comes from sustainable kraft paper. For every toothbrush purchased 10p is given to the LGBT Foundation.


Yoga Luxury Matches

A match made in heaven. Well, actually these matchboxes are designed and made in the UK by Heavenly Homes and Gardens, but we think they look pretty gorgeous nonetheless. If you are going to turn your home into a sanctuary of bliss by lighting candles or incense then you may as well start with the match itself. These beautiful, long matches feature a yoga-inspired image and are a stylish way to light your home ready for your practice.

Mother bottles

Mother Reusables Thermal Bottles

Stay hydrated! A range of beautifully-crafted copper and stainless-steel thermal bottles which can keep drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. All have amazing artist designs etched onto them. They come in adults and kids sizes so are perfect for throwing into any bag or buggy. Sustainable wellness on the go. From £25


Bumboo Kitchen Roll

Bumboo – the tree-free, planet friendly, 100% super-soft bamboo toilet paper – is orchestrating a kitchen take-over this year with the launch of its new kitchen roll. Made from sustainable, rapidly renewable bamboo, each of the compactly rolled, 100 two-ply sheets are reassuringly strong and absorbent. Bamboo has longer fibres compared to tree pulp, so has excellent strength and absorbency qualities. Just like the popular Bumboo toilet paper, its kitchen roll is also 100% plastic-free, planet and panda friendly.
£23 (free home delivery for packs of 12)

Floating feather

Chakra Roll On By Floating Feather

These natural perfumes have been designed by Floating Feather and inspired to balance the energy of each of the seven chakras. The blends are scented only with pure essential oils, each one infused and energised with its own bespoke crystal, which is contained in the bottle; ideal to use as a natural perfume or to be applied to the body pressure points to support your meditation and yoga practices. These roll-ons come in a travel-friendly container and are designed for easy application. Available for individual or wholesale purchases, they also make a great addition to any yoga or meditation centre.


Plant-Based Aromatherapy Gift Set

Floral, fresh and citrusy, this aromatherapy gift set is made with plant-based ingredients only, is rich in essential oils and contains no nasties. Includes Pelargonium & Grapefruit Bath Oil and Pelargonium & Grapefruit Votive, a matching candle with 20-plus hours’ burn time. Also comes complete with a biodegradable bath mitt. Pelargonium has a mouthwatering, floral scent and has been used in aromatherapy for many years to reduce stress, enhance mood and combat fatigue. Presented in a recyclable gift box.

Om Magazine

First published in November 2009, OM Yoga magazine has become the most popular yoga title in the UK. Available from all major supermarkets, independents and newsstands across the UK. Also available on all digital platforms.