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Conscious Spaces founder_Tara Williams with Waveguard Qi Shield

Qi-Shield Personal 5G / WIFI / EMF Protection

Enjoy the relief of being protected from harmful and damaging electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) while in your home or on the move. The Qi-Technologies Qi-Shield EMF Protection device, available from Conscious Spaces, has been shown to provide a personal sanctuary against damaging EMFs, including cell phone radiation and WiFi. Perfect for the home, office, bedroom, or even on your travels. When stationary, it provides an EMF protection field of 2.5m radius (5m diameter) in width and 1.6m radius (3.2m diameter) in height. When mobile, it provides an EMF protection field of 1.5m radius (3m diameter) in width. Lasts for approximately five years on a single charge and can be recharged after this time. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany.


Kati Kaia Circe Yoga Mat

With its unique hand-painted artwork, and inspired by the enchantress, Circe, Kati Kaia's new collection yoga mat invokes the magical, spiritual properties of purple, violets and pinks with hints of whites and apple yellow. These colours work to open the crown chakra connection; this is the union with your higher self with spirituality and your higher consciousness, Sahasrara. Move into an optimistic and happier place! Made of 100% natural tree rubber, a sustainable, recyclable resource, finished with a premium ‘vegan suede’ soft surface made from recycled PET bottles, transposed using ecological water-based inks.
From £80


Discovery Journals

Beautiful journals for all, designed to help the user ease symptoms of anxiety and manage the thoughts and feelings associated with stress. The bullet format enables the user to identify their triggers and learn to use emotive words. Both refill and one-use options available, as well as daily aids and organisational tools. Helps you to start thinking of anxiety and stress logically by removing the noise of the day and prompting you to look closer at cause and effect. Discover the power of journaling. Suitable for adults and teens.
From £15.50

Remy Green

Remy Green Botanics Balm N°1

Founded by a yoga teacher and former fashion model, Remy’s holistic approach to wellbeing is at the heart of this slow beauty skincare range. Launching with a multipurpose balm, all of the naturally efficacious formulations are created in small batches in a Pembrokeshire studio. The collection is vegan friendly and uses ethically sourced ingredients from local suppliers.

100ml Yoga focus with packaging

Focus Mat Spray

New Focus Mat Spray from Spritz Wellness. It adds to the company’s current line of mat sprays, Relax and Energise. The Focus Mat Spray is made of lemon, rosemary and peppermint all of which provide an uplifting and stimulating scent. When inhaled these essential oils are great for mood and energy boosting. Similar to the Relax and Energise blend, the Focus Mat Spray also contains tea tree for its antibacterial and antiviral properties to clean and restore your yoga mat. All four essential oils work to decrease fatigue and increase focus while keeping the yoga mat clean.
£12 (50ml), £19 (100ml)

Dream Catcher DIY Craft Kit

Dream Catcher DIY Craft Kit

Get ready for the summer holidays! This dream catcher kit is perfect to keep the kids entertained during the hols…or if you’re looking to update your home decor and would like the accomplishment of creating something lovely for yourself. Great for mindfulness too! The Dream Catcher Kit contains: a bamboo ring, a doily, rustic string for the outside, ribbons and trims in a colour of your choice, and white yarn/string to attach the doily. The only thing you’ll need is a pair of scissors. Get creative!

Weighted Eye Pillow - Herring

Weighted Eye Pillow

Weighted yoga eye pillow to soothe tired eyes and help deepen your relaxation. The pillow can also be used as a warm compress to relieve dry eyes, ear ache or migraines; can be used hot or cold (microwave safe). The linen cover can be removed and washed separately. A perfect pampering gift for someone you know or a treat for you! Available in various colours and designs. Made in England. The pillow is unscented, however it can be scented with essential oils of your choice.

Free Your Mind Framed Birdcage Birds Freedom Screenprint Katie Edwards Illustration Art

Free Your Mind Artwork

Your daily mindfulness reminder. 'Free Your Mind' is an original silkscreen print from Katie Edwards Illustration. A colourful original screen print that portrays many symbolic messages of freedom, exploration, letting go and freeing your mind. This five colour silkscreen print is printed on Fabriano paper by hand and signed by the artist. Available mounted and/or framed.

Om Magazine

First published in November 2009, OM Yoga magazine has become the most popular yoga title in the UK. Available from all major supermarkets, independents and newsstands across the UK. Also available on all digital platforms.