OM in 30 Seconds - May 2022


Join our anatomy academy this month with Dr Kiki Morriss and deepen your understanding of asana and all things yoga movement. This time, we’re looking at Four Limb Staff pose as part of our exploration of the Sun Salutation sequence. 360º Yoga, Page 34


Clean up your act and  clean up the world.  There’s a natural  connection between  yoga’s core principles and  a desire to transform the  state of our world, so let’s  all make a difference… from the mat all the way  to the recycling bin. Yoga Guide To Saving  The Planet, Page 44


Why not try something  new this month? Inside,  we’ve got eight cool, fun  and fabulous yoga styles  for you to explore, from  the highs of aerial yoga to  stress-busting yoga with  alpacas and other critters.  Yoga never gets boring!  8 Trending Yoga Styles,  Page 68

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