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Tolasana (SCALE POSE)

This is a fairly intense arm-balancing pose that builds strength in the upper part of the body and teaches focus and concentration


• Tolasana strengthens the wrists, arms, chest and shoulders.

• The core is fully activated, improving strength and helps stimulate the digestive system.

• Teaches balance, concentration, and focus.


• Make sure your hands are in the right position, they should be placed right next to the hips.

• If they are placed too wide or too forward or backwards, you won’t be able to achieve the balance or strength required for this pose.


• With the hands on the floor, it’s often difficult to lift the legs from the ground. Use a block under each hand to increase the length of the arms, this will help to lift the legs.

• If you’re not yet able to do a Full Lotus pose, or you feel you don’t have the stretch to lift yourself up, start with your legs in Half-Lotus. With the legs in this position, the buttocks will lift off the floor, but the toes of one foot stay on the ground.

This will help you to start feeling comfortable in the pose, while building strength on the core and arms to progress into the pose further.


• Physical awareness is on the strength of the arms and the sensation of movement and energy coordinated with the breath and balance. As you gain the power to lift yourself, you will also gain balance between your body, mind, and spirit.

Ravi Dixit is an Indian teacher living in London, passionate about making traditional yoga understandable for everyone. Visit: ravi.yoga

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