Svadhyaya Breath Journal: A Companion Workbook to Restoring Prana

Robin L. Rothenberg

Singing Dragon

Svadhyaya (self-reflective) Breath Journal is a companion workbook to Restoring Prana, a training manual on transformative breathing for yoga therapists, yoga teachers and bodyworkers. It presents the topic in a new way of understanding, applying breath to a wide range of ailments. Each chapter in Restoring Prana ends with specific practices that the reader is asked to track in a breath journal and this workbook provides a pre-formulated journal for this purpose. This workbook follows the chapter chronology of the parent text, with the key concepts highlighted and with space for breath charts, logs and reflection. Svadhyaya Breath Journal is the perfect companion to Restoring Prana and highlights the importance of practical application of theory discussed in the parent book.

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