National Smile Month - Smiling Isn’t Always Easy!

National Smile Month - Smiling Isn’t Always Easy!

Almost 70% of Sufferers Struggle to Smile, But a Natural Solution Offers Hope - By Eva Melegh

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It’s hard to smile when you have a cold sore according to almost 70% of cold sore sufferers in a recent survey.

A consumer survey by LipQ on 100 of their customers with cold sores found that almost 40% of them had developed a habit of covering their mouth with a hand when they smiled due to frequent cold sores.

A smile can not only draw attention to the mouth but for almost 70% of respondents to the survey, smiling itself caused pain and discomfort when a cold sore was present.

Living with cold sores can be unpredictable, painful and frustrating as they have a habit of popping up at the worst times such as holidays, special occasions or on dates.

There are almost no treatments available that help prevent cold sores, but LipQ Liquorice Balm has been proven by the Herpes Virus Association to help reduce the duration and severity of cold sore outbreaks if applied daily between out breaks.

In addition, LipQ Liquorice & Melissa Rescue Lip Gel can help dampen the intensity of a cold sore outbreak and in many cases cause an emerging cold sore outbreak to recede in its early stages if used liberally at the first sign of an emerging cold sore or at times when its likely a cold sore may be triggered such as:

  • When you have a cold, illness or are run down
  • When you have a hangover
  • At times of increased stress
  • During flights
  • After any trauma to the lips such as beauty treatments or abrasions from food
  • When lips become chapped or cracked
  • During periods of increased exposure to sun

The key cold sore fighting ingredient in liquorice is glycyrrhizic acid (GA).  GA specifically targets the genes that are required to maintain the virus in its latent state by interfering with the production of special proteins that feed the infected cells.

Research published in the US Journal of Clinical Investigation has shown that due to its anti-viral actions,  GA has the ability to weaken the cold sore virus which lies dormant in the skin between outbreaks.(1)

Dr Eva Melegh M.D. consultant dermatologist says:

“There are relatively few treatments available for the prevention of cold sores caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus, even though they are a very common skin condition. The herpes simplex virus lies dormant in the skin around the mouth and nasal area until a cold sore outbreak is triggered.

Most products available at pharmacies are for use once the cold sore is active. so when an actual sore appears and then bursts. However once this has happened the sore is likely to stay present and visible for at least five days and in most cases longer, no matter what treatment you use on it.

However, there are some natural ingredients that can be used between cold sore outbreaks which may have a preventative action.

Liquorice root extract (glycyrrhizic acid) has been shown in published studies to have a degree of inhibiting effect on the activity of the herpes virus.”

Marian Nicholson from the Herpes Viruses Association says;

"We were aware of the research on liquorice and were interested in carrying out an in vivo trial. Quite often results which look impressive in a test tube are not as effective in real life testers. However, Skin Shop’s Liquorice Balm has performed well with respondents showing a marked reduction in severity and duration of their cold sore outbreaks. In light of this research we are happy to recommend this treatment to our members."

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Dr Eva Melegh

Dr Eva Melegh M.D. dermatologist & cosmetologist is a member of the Belgian Society of Dermatology & Venereology.