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Happy now

I enjoyed reading your happiness report in last month’s issue. Some of it made me chuckle and also reflect more deeply, but overall it strikes me that happiness is really about simplicity. As one of your authors summarises: “All we have to do is remember how to pause and just be.” If we can learn to do that, then we can ‘find happy’ now and in every single moment.
David, by email


Jess please

Brilliant to see Jessamyn Stanley grace your front cover in August. She most definitely is a yoga pioneer, as you rightly state. A wonderful ambassador for yoga and for opening it up to more groups of people. More please.
Mo, by email

Group free exercise class for people of different age and gender in the city park. International Day of Yoga, summer

Summer of love

What a summer it’s been, getting out and about and practicing with other yogis again in real life. I’ve loved it! Thanks OM for keeping us all going during the good times and the bad! My favourite monthly read!
Meg, by email

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