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Missing you

I love OM magazine but I am really missing the OM Yoga Show. I attended your London event in October 2019 and it was amazing. So inspirational and uplifting with an incredible atmosphere and lots of wonderful people there. So when we got to October this year, I really wanted my Ally Pally yoga fix again! Now I’m holding out for next year again. Please, please, please let me visit an OM Yoga Show again soon!
Georgie, by email

Yoga in studio, group of females practicing healthy lifestyle

My mat

I’ve just received a lovely new cork yoga mat thanks to OM! I’ve been on the lookout for a new mat for a while but I saw the perfect one in your special report last month, so thank you. If anyone hasn’t tried it yet, cork is the ideal surface to practice on, it feels great, it’s grippy and rolls out easily too.
Nat, by email


Up dog

I loved your front cover in the October issue with the sleeping dog on the sofa — that’s what home yoga is all about! I always practice in my living room and my pet pooch (Alfie) is always close by to me. Sometimes too close…he often wanders onto my mat and just lays down, but it’s all part of the fun!
Kelly, by email


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