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Be the change

Great to read about the connection between yoga and caring for our planet in your last issue (A Yogi’s Guide to Saving the Planet: Issue 117, May 2021). It goes far beyond what yoga mat or clothing we choose for our practice and into practically every area and aspect of our lives — including what mobile phone you choose, given that some of the contents may have been mined by children in Africa. As yogis and consciously-aware humans, we are uniquely placed to shine a light into this important area, both for our students and others. As ever, we can choose to be the change we want to see in the world.
Immi, by email


Mums rule

Hey! I just wanted to send a message and say what a massive fan my mother in law is of your magazine. I buy her a subscription for Mother’s Day every year and she loves it. She calls it her little treat every month. She had very bad sciatica and in the end had to have a hip replacement but she swears by the fact that her yoga kept her going! She’s 65 and fighting fit now! And still loves her yoga!
@kayshennabelper via Instagram


Do it outside

Hi OM. Just wanted to say how wonderful it felt to take my yoga mat outside and do my morning practice in the fresh air and sunshine after what felt like an eternal winter! It was so amazing! My advice to all is make the most of the summer and, if you haven’t tried it yet, grab your mat and go get some fresh air while you practice, whether that’s in the garden or in the park. Yoga the natural way!
Sue, by email

photo in the backlight of female shadow woman doing yoga alone outdoor at the park at sunset

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