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Yoga for menopause

Thanks for your menopause yoga guide in the November issue. I am one of the millions going through this challenging journey right now. As a fairly recent newcomer to yoga I have found the practice a breath of fresh air in all sorts of ways, but including bringing some light relief to my symptoms. It may not be the whole answer but yoga is definitely helping me.
Karen, by email

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Stay true

I’ve been reading OM magazine for years now and still very much enjoy it. It’s a lovely, inspiring read, and also one that’s accessible to all levels within the yoga community, from beginners to teachers. Thanks for staying true to that goal of making yoga available to everyone, I think it’s a really important message.
Kim, by email


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I recently introduced a friend to your magazine and I think she was happy about your new easy subscription option (where you can pay per month and cancel anytime). I think it’s a great way for more people to trial the magazine and see if they like it. I still sign up for the full year but really missing renewing my subscription at the OM Yoga Show (I used to travel to the London show every October)...they were amazing goody bags that you used to give away at the OM stand! Come back soon!
Theresa, by email


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