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Joys of summer

I’m so happy it’s summer! Yes, I’ve enjoyed practicing yoga at home and discovering lots of online classes during the months of winter and lockdown (no more, please!) but finally waking up in the mornings to sunshine and warmth (with no slippers or sweater required!) feels amazing. Your report on doing yoga outdoors in July made me chuckle as I think I’ve already done it all! I’ve been everywhere with my yoga mat already — parks, the woods, the seaside — even a quick meditation in the park feels amazing. Let’s hope it’s a long summer this year. Theresa, by email

girl meditating at sunset on beach

Go wild

Thanks for the inspiring ideas in your Great Outdoors report in the July issue. For me, doing yoga outside really is a breath of fresh air. I’m lucky enough to live near the coast so I often take my mat down to the beach when it’s quiet or go up on the cliffs for the amazing views. I love practicing with friends in the studio as well, but getting outside is a great way to keep your practice fresh and get some air in your lungs — it feels like a real treat!
Mel, by email


Feeling inspired

My husband bought me a subscription to your magazine for my birthday earlier this year and I just love it. I’ve been doing yoga for a couple of years now but I now feel part of a much bigger community thanks to your publication. I’m also enjoying the online bulletins and website as well. Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration!
Jess, by email


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