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Out & about

It’s so great being able to get out and about now after the past two years. Zoom yoga really can’t compete with an actual in-person class at a lovely, calming studio with a real teacher in front of you! I’ve been exploring anyway, but it’s been great seeing new teachers, studios and classes featured in your magazine. It gives me lots of new ideas and things to try out. I’m determined to make the most of it!
Imogen, by emai


Fab Faisha

What an inspiration Faisha, the onelegged yogini is! I really enjoyed reading her story in the February issue. Such a brave girl and a great advert for yoga, she embodies calm courage. A wonderfully-inspiring story. I look forward to practicing with her soon I hope.
Mary, by emai


My journey

I have been practicing yoga for many years now, and am qualified as a teacher (although I don’t currently teach classes). It has not always been a linear journey for me, however (it rarely is in life!), and during this period, I have at times falling in and out of love with the practice. I always come back to the mat, but there are times when life gets busy or something just comes up. When I do reconnect with yoga I always buy your magazine to help rekindle and encourage the flame, and to remind myself that I am a part of a much larger community of likeminded others. Thank you OM for continuing to inspire me on my yoga journey.
Lisa, by email

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