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Namaste 142

Returning to me

I read your article about reconnecting to yoga about lockdown (April 2023) and it made me cry, I think mainly from relief that someone else felt like me. Up until October 2021, I was working as a nurse so worked throughout lockdowns. By August 2021, I felt burnt out so I applied and got a job working from home thinking it would help me reconnect with myself and allow an improved work-life balance. This did not happen. I found myself becoming more disconnected and I struggled to do my daily practice and meditation. Then between May and August 2022, I lost six very close family members, which led to what I thought at the time was depression. I took time off from work and started on antidepressants. 

Life appeared to be getting back to normal, so I came off the medication which seemed to clear my head. I think I had been hiding: my world had shrunk, I did not want to socialise, and when I did, I started to drink alcohol to cope with being out. I had no motivation  or anything. I’d been attending class once a week, but this was not helping as I was trying to force myself, and then thinking I'd failed.

So two weeks ago I sat quietly by myself when I realised how unhappy I was and that I needed to reconnect with my life again. I have  handed my notice in at work, which was a weight off my shoulders. I have returned to yoga classes and have let myself be a beginner;  not to throw myself into poses, but to be at the lowest level to ‘feel’ the poses and the power of yoga again. I feel a different person. Reading the article made me realise it’s not just me.

I think the mental health implications of the pandemic and lockdowns will be with us for a long time but I don't think they are being  recognised enough by health professionals or even by ourselves. Thank you for such an amazing article.

Helen, by email


Ageing gratefully

I read your feature 'Ageing gratefully' in the April 2023 issue. The article was a well-written and helpful article on the menopause – and yes, that's a marker on life's journey, generally regarded as a feature of middle age. But what about after that? I am fast approaching 76 and have practiced yoga since I was 58. I long since left behind the hormonal challenges of the menopause and now I'm grappling with the wider dimensions of getting old. Where is your advice for that life stage? We may be in a minority but there are folks in many yoga classes I've enjoyed who are elderly. If yoga truly is for every body then let's demonstrate that!

Perthshire Daisy

Yoga fix

I have to say that I love reading OM Yoga magazine, I read it cover to cover (which I've never done with a magazine). I've just given birth, so getting back into yoga is a struggle at the moment, but this gives me a good fix of inspiration and things to learn about yoga, both off the mat, and when I'm ready to start again. 

Jade, by email

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