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More men, please!

Whilst I enjoy reading your excellent magazine I am sad to note that we males get only a paucity of coverage. In some yoga studios there are classes where men are encouraged and welcomed. My studio — the Yoga Loft in Hinckley — has a good few men taking part in many classes. For example, on Monday night there were nine men in a class of 24 participants; it is extremely rare that I find myself the sole male in a class. The head of the studio also employs at least three male teachers. So, come on, let's have a bit more encouragement for the male species. Yoga is not just for ladies, although at times it may seem so.

David, by email

Namaste - Yoga for men

Everyone's a Winner

How wonderful to see your awards and all the winners at the OM Yoga Show this year. I already knew about some of them (Liforme yoga mats, for example), but not all, so I’m really looking forward to discovering more about them — definitely want to look into a yoga retreat at the amazing Suryalila in Spain.

Gina, by email

Good Show

Just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time at the OM Yoga Show in October (my first!). It was so amazing and inspiring to mingle and practice with so many beautiful souls. What a great show! Thank you for such a fantastic time. Definitely coming back again next year!

Jess, by email

OM Yoga Show Alexandra Palace

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