This month’s mentor:

Khanyi Tshabalala, Seize the Light online yoga & wellness studio (

Khanyi Tshabalala

Does a YTT set you up for running your own business?

Like everything else in life, one cannot truly ever be prepared for the lesson. Generally, teacher trainings are not really geared towards setting yogis up to be entrepreneurs. The wellness industry has barriers to entry, is oversaturated and underrepresented. The challenges are akin to many other industries. I am privileged to have a background in the legal industry and be able to extrapolate and apply skills learnt to run my business. However, the learning curve is still pretty steep.

Your niche?

My niche is working alongside the legal industry to implement structured wellbeing programmes to support employees. Simultaneously with the effort invested into developing our professional careers, we should equally invest in developing ourselves. Naturally, my niche is influenced by my professional experience working as a finance lawyer at top tier law firms in London, South Africa and Australia, which places me in a unique position to truly understand my client’s experiences. In addition, through the use of innovative technology, I journey with and empower others to improve their physical health and mental wellness.

Khanyi Tshabalala

Social media?

I started using social media in 2020 at the inception of my yoga journey to showcase my progress. Subsequent to completing my teacher training and founding Seize the Light, I started using it to empower and educate others about the intersectionality of law and wellbeing. We need to destigmatise conversations around mental health in the workplace. Telling people to ’toughen up’ or, ‘that’s just the way life is’ is not helpful. My advice to others is to be vulnerable and exchange stories and coping mechanisms with others.

Self-care tips?

At the infancy of my career in 2016, the physical, emotional and mental impact of working in a law firm soon made me realise I would have to develop positive ways to self-soothe and take care of myself. I continue to dedicate one day a week to my self-care. The day usually begins with meditation, breathwork and yoga, followed by music therapy, reading and ends with a bubble bath and candle-lit meditation. In addition, I use my self-care days to digitally detox.

Future trends?

The business of yoga teaching is resilient to changes and continues to evolve. Before 2020, we could not have imagined that teaching yoga online would have gained the popularity it has over the past few years. People value convenience and I think we can expect to see further advancements in technology affecting the way yoga classes are delivered. While upskilling in technology to develop my yoga and wellness app, I came across research suggesting early developments to incorporate elements of AI into the wellness industry. By monitoring stress, anxiety and overall emotional wellbeing, individuals will be able to access tailored plans to manage their physical and mental health.

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