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Ali Masterman, 51, London (
IG: @mastermanyogi


Does a YTT set you up for running your own business?

There was nothing in my original training that even mentioned business. I used to think of myself as ‘just a yoga teacher’ rather than a business entity. It wasn’t until the pandemic that I started to shift my thinking that I was the business! I think I’m still trying to get my head around that, even now. I am consulting with a business coach to help my mindset, which is an interesting experience and one I highly recommend.


Your Niche

Restorative and menopause. When I first started teaching restorative there were hardly any classes around. In fact, I put the first class on the Triyoga Soho timetable. I remember the nerves of asking for the class, being given it and told I had better make it work! I built it up from three people to a fully packed, often waitlisted class. It was one of my favourite classes of the week, the vibe in the studio was wonderful. All these stressed London people coming to class and then floating out at the end, you could feel the energy change during the 90-minute class. When I started experiencing my own menopause I realised even more how important restorative yoga was at this time of life. I’ve worked with women through different stages of their hormonal life and it gives me great satisfaction assisting them at this time of Second Spring. Introducing this idea of softening and coming back to themselves, finding space both mentally and emotionally, lots can come up at this time and to be there to support people is a great honour which is why I developed my menopause doula service. I work 1-1 with clients to navigate this tricky time with support, education and some yummy restorative yoga. I am also working with a fellow restorative teacher and we have designed our own teacher training that is Yoga Alliance accredited. It is in-person and will be over two weekends in January and February 2024

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Top Marketing Tips

Community and word of mouth. Most of my repeat work comes from personal recommendations from the community I live in. Keep it simple. I do have a tendency to over complicate things and my husband who works in advertising is often telling me to pull back and keep it simple.

Who do you admire?

Anna Ashby and Nadia Narain. I met them both as I started my career change as a yoga teacher at Triyoga 20 years ago. I’ve seen them both change and grow in that time. It is as beautiful to watch senior teachers metamorphise as it is to see it in your family and self. I feel grateful to all the support they have given me over the years and to call them both my friends.

Self-Care Tips?

Swimming at the Ladies’ Pond on Hampstead Heath. I set myself a challenge leading up to my 50th birthday to swim on my 50th, my birthday being in November. Not only did I achieve that, I continued through the winter and am now entering my second year — I love it! There is a wonderful sense of community… women of all ages, shapes and sizes nattering to each other. I also really enjoy the connection to nature that it brings. You really get to be in tune with the seasons, which I have found to be totally life transforming; it really helps to clear my head. I have also set up another new venture ‘Rooted Bodies’ with a couple of likeminded friends, a monthly gathering celebrating female wisdom by reconnecting to nature and ourselves. It’s powerful stuff!

Hardest Lesson?

Follow your instincts. Don’t get bamboozled by charm. And stand your ground: you are worth more than most people want to pay you.

Future Trends?

It has changed so dramatically in the last few years since the pandemic. I never thought the use of technology would have taken off in the way it has. I much prefer teaching in person — I love the connection with people that way — but I have also enjoyed how technology has created a much more global connection. I’ve no idea what the future holds for us all now!

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