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Yogi: Natasha ‘CocoRed’ Lee
Photographer: Tiko Al Izibili
Location: Coombe Wood, Shirley, Surrey, England

The photo shows yogini Natasha ‘CocoRed’ Lee in the beautiful Surrey countryside. She says she has a number of favourite places to do yoga all across the world, but it’s only in the last couple of years that she really started to explore the many wonders of the UK. “One of my favourite locations is a beautiful secluded area on the outskirts of London called Coombe Wood,” she tells OM. “I love the blend of the gardens, the woodland and the forest. The stunning bright colours and abundance of different flowers and plants in the gardens, work in harmony together but also hold a juxtaposed texture to the forest. In the early spring, rhododendrons infuse the whole grounds; it really is quite something for the human eye to experience!” Amidst the gardens you are immersed in colourful tones, softness and fragrances, whilst amongst the woods, you weave up and down hilly areas and the most beautiful pine trees and wood chip soil. “Here in Coombe Wood it's so easy to feel incredibly connected to the earth and mother nature, not only aesthetically, but also in the energy and the vibrations the space holds.”

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