My secret place - Karen Brodie

My place

Yogi: Karen Brodie
Photographer: Mark Dennis
Location: Loch Shieldag, Scotland

The photo shows Karen Brodie, who is a Yin and Vinyasa yoga teacher from Scotland (you can join her on the virtual mat, just type in ‘Yoga with Kaz’). Loch Shieldag is a precious place for her. She’s well-travelled but had never seen such breath-taking beauty until she and her partner (photographer, Mark Dennis) took the hairpin bend through the Applecross Peninsula and stumbled across this beautiful location, while stag spotting in the distance. “This part of the world is the perfect place to switch off, be present and remember what you’re grateful for. A place to add to your travel list and look forward to once it’s safe to do so,” she tells OM.

But brace yourself for the weather. “You’ll get a dramatic four seasons of weather in one day, no matter what time of year you visit, only adding atmosphere to that famously rugged, spectacular scenery”.

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