Esther Bobadilla Magariños

My place

Yogi: Esther Bobadilla Magariños
Photographer: Daniel Calvo Zurita
Location: Torrevieja’s Salt Mine, Alicante, Spain

In this photo, Vinyasa yoga teacher Esther Bobadilla is getting her feet wet in the waters of Torrevieja’s salt mine in Alicante, Spain. She tells OM that in times where the world is moving fast and we receive so much information in the space of just one day, it is necessary to go out and merge with nature, to be there, sit in silence, to pay attention to what surrounds you and, more importantly, what’s inside you. “I love enjoying the beauty of sunsets right here and just stare at it,” she says. “Sometimes we are required to just stop and do something simple, feeling in tune with nature and also within ourselves. It’s true when they say ‘less is more’… sometimes by being in the moment we do more than enough.”

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