My Secret Place - Delsjön, Gothenburg, Sweden

My place

Yogi: Rebecka Latoś
Photographer: Oscar Nilsson
Location: Delsjön, Gothenburg, Sweden

Delsjön, a green and beautiful nature area and tranquil lake outside Gothenburg in Sweden, holds a special place in the heart for yogini, Rebecka Latoś. “It's where I go to meditate and deepen my yoga practice, forming an even stronger connection with myself,” she tells OM. “The serene lake and lush surroundings set a peaceful ambiance, instantly calming my mind and allowing me to tune in with nature.”

The rustling of leaves, birds chirping and the gentle ripples of the lake, create a serene atmosphere, enhancing meditation practice, she says. “Practicing yoga surrounded by the elements of nature is a magical experience, filling me with gratitude for the universe and my existence in it. Nature always calms me, and I instantly feel more grounded.”


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