My Home Yoga Space

Show us your home yoga space — no matter how modest or grand — we’d love to see it!

How about this for a place to roll out your yoga mat in the morning? This is where Kirsten Hughson of Bethel, New York, in the USA, calls home — and we think it looks pretty fab!

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“This is my home yoga space,” she tells OM. “We are extraordinarily lucky to have found our perfect home. Moving to Bethel, New York this past March, my husband, myself and our 10-year-old son have found our forever home. We live on a beautiful lake and I make sure I practice yoga four to five days a week here.

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“Before anyone thinks that we are rich and live in a spectacular mansion, that is not the case. I spent over a decade as a public school teacher and my husband just retired from the Marine Corps. We live in a modest home and it took quite a bit of time to find one we could afford on a lake. I could not be happier with my home yoga studio!”

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We’d love to see your home yoga space too. Where do you roll out your mat in the morning? If you’d like to share your photos and ideas for a home yoga space with other readers get in touch. Email:

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