Moonology made easy

Discover the beauty of working with the moon and create a personal toolbox to navigate its amazing energies. Part two of a three-part mini-series, by Olivia Hickman New

The moon is one of the simplest energies we can start to work with when it comes to moonology. Not because the moon energy itself is simple, but because we can clearly observe this ever-changing lunar power in the night sky each evening. Watching the moon ebb and flow throughout the month can act as a great indicator and remind us where our focus needs to be.

How can you work with the moon?

The moon’s power can be harnessed to attract, create and manifest positive things into your life, or you can use its peaceful energies to let go of all that no longer serves you. It is so beautiful to work with the moon and feel the support of the universe.

The moon is split into eight phases but to keep things simple we will be focusing on the four quarters, looking at what energy the moon represents in each phase and how the astrology signs affect the purpose of that moon phase. For example, a New Moon in Scorpio will be inviting us to explore different aspects of ourselves to a New Moon in Cancer.

Each month we’ll be sharing a practice to create a mini toolbox for working with the moon -- the second tool to support your process is how to create a simple ceremony.

Creating a ceremony

Continuing your journey from last month, it is now time to set an intention. Let’s talk about creating a simple ceremony. There are eight steps to creating a simple moon ceremony.

Create a sacred space

Set up a space where you feel safe. Light candles and place sacred objects (these can be objects of significance or things that bring you joy). Create a nice setting and use incense or essential oils to add beautiful scents. Allow the space you have created to help you feel empowered and loved.


Take a moment to clear the energy within yourself and your sacred space. This can be done by burning incense, the use of singing bowls or simple visualisation. I like to use the elements to clear energies, but you can find what works for you.



Protect your energy. When opening up to the universe and its energies we cannot always see the energy so it’s important to protect ourselves. This can be done in a variety of ways so find the way that works best for you. Some people use visualisation, like a shield or a bubble, others say incantations, or again you can use incense or singing bowls with a clear intention (for example, to only allow energy of 100% pure love into the space).

Set intention

Now set an intention for your ceremony  and visualise what you would like to attract. This month, the moon is focusing on unearthing what lies beneath, therefore  it may be beneficial to ask yourself what needs confronting within your life, or what you need to let go of to be at peace.


Take a moment to feel your breath within your body. Notice its rhythm. Slow down and connect with yourself. Set your intention with meaning and feeling.


If you use any guides or deities, now is a time to call upon them. Request their assistance and connect with their greater powers.


Become aware of the ether. Just be, and receive. Messages can come in all different forms from an inner knowing to observing things play out like a movie in your mind. Again, everyone is different so just enjoy the experience and see what comes up for you.


Give thanks for this magical moment and all that is about to unfold into your world. When it comes to gratitude it is really important to feel it. Rather than just saying the words, take a moment to really honour and appreciate yourself, the universe and the beauty, however great or small, in your life.

Olivia Hickman is a women’s wellness leadership expert for female yoga teachers. She runs a women’s wellness certification programme called New World Women; a sixth-month mentorship to help female yoga teachers pivot their business to increase their income and reclaim their rites Visit:


New Moon in Pisces

13th March 2021

This is a strong moon for supporting emotional healing.  The new moon is asking us to face, trust and let go. This incredibly emotional time is inviting you to look at all that you may have been suppressing. What are you afraid of? As we come to the astrological end of the year, it is a time to reflect. Be still, explore whether you trust in the process. Do you trust yourself? Even in the turbulence of our inner emotions can you stay true to who you are?

Moon Time Tip:

Create a vision board to encourage you and the dreams you would like to achieve. Place your one clear intention in the centre of your vision board as inspiration.


Asana: Savasana (Corpse Pose):

Take a moment to reflect, relax and delve into the inner emotions that may be holding you back.


Waxing First Quarter

21st March 2021

The moon is growing and is halfway towards becoming a full moon. As the moon grows bigger so does her support. The growing light of the moon allows you to search deeper within your emotions. At this time, check in with boundaries, what do you need to say yes to? What do you need to say no to? Are you listening? This is a time to re-build self-trust and be mindful of taking on negative energy from others.

Moon Time Tip:

Clear your energy on a daily basis. Create an evening ritual before bed to clear the energy of the day and stay grounded.

Asana: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

(Pigeon Pose):

Allow this pose to clean out your emotional closet and create space for the new.

pink body
grey body

Full Moon in Libra

28th March 2021

This moon in Libra is bringing the month of March to an emotional end. Once again, we are being asked to look deeper within ourselves. Look at this month as a chance to reset, a time to reflect, and to truly surge into Spring with a bright new force. In order to find balance we need to ask ourselves what needs addressing. Are you kind to yourself? Do you give and take with ease? Are you holding on to beliefs, practices or habits that no longer serve you?

Moon Time Tip: 

Visualise yourself in complete balance, flowing through life with ease and joy. Become aware of what areas in your life are keeping you from being truly balanced.

Asana: Tadasana

(Mountain Pose):

Find your balance, be at peace, stand strong in your truth.


Waning Last Quarter

4th April 2021

Now three quarters of our way through the cycle of the moon, and with the light starting to disappear from the night sky we are encouraged even more to let go and focus inwards. Face your inner darkness. Take time to reflect on the past month. What have I successfully let go of? What am I not ready to let go of? It’s okay if there are some things you are not yet ready to release yourself from. There are many moons to come and everything can happen at its own pace. Honour yourself for all the hard work you have done this month.

Moon Time Tip:

Self-care, self-care, self-care! Take time for your self to be nourished!

Asana: Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound Angle Pose):

Nourish yourself, let go, honour you.


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