Meditation through poetry

The soothing words of poetry can complement our meditation practice. By Nikita Thakrar

As we begin to emerge from the third national lockdown in the UK, and I reflect over the past year, I begin to realise that I would not have been able to get through it without my daily meditation practice to keep me grounded.

Poetry too, has been a companion throughout my life, enabling me to express myself through intuitive writing.

I strongly believe that just a few minutes of meditation a day can have a profound impact on our physical health and mental wellbeing.

Simply sitting still, in silence with my breath, brings an instant wave of calm and deep relaxation.

I had written a poem, which I creatively turned into a guided meditation video during lockdown. Recording my voice, selecting the music, scenery and being part of the editing process was in itself, a form of meditation!

The words below reflect my experience of being in complete stillness. As I share this with you, I hope that you too find a sense of inner peace:

I sit still as I watch, my thoughts pass by,

Some fly past and others take time.

I am not getting involved in the play of my mind,

I remain detached and stillness I find.

Nothing remains, only my breath,

I am with the core of my being, my inner depth.

I hear it sing and feel it vibrate,

I connect with myself, through a bond of faith.

My thoughts and desires have now disappeared,

As I swim in the pool of emptiness, nothing is to be feared...

Nikita Thakrar

Nikita’s mission is to Educate and Empower people through Indian dance, Yoga, Meditation and Personal Development.