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You may read this mantra and not believe it. But I promise you it's true! Your potential is higher than you realise. Sometimes, in order to unlock this potential, you have to feel scared, vulnerable and fail along the way. But I can assure you it will all be worth it and you will be surprised by what you find on the other side — a more confident and less fearful you. Through fear, we find courage; through failure, we find growth.

I've been there, I know. I have been scared, I have felt vulnerable, and I have failed along the way but I have also experienced what it feels like to come out the other side of these challenges. Proud and with more belief in myself that I have what it takes.

I have learnt to believe in my own potential and to just keep going  and trust that the uneven, bumpy road will eventually smooth out and the journey does become a lot easier and more enjoyable.

If there is something that you want to achieve but you are scared to make the steps towards reaching that goal, take a moment to break it down into smaller chunks, and remember you are stronger than you think you are. How will you ever know if you don't try?

Challenge and surprise yourself. At the very least, you will learn something about yourself along the way. Be proud of your strength: use it and trust it.

Try this pose... Handstand
This pose is perfect to accompany your mantra. Use the wall or a support if you need to begin with. You will get stronger over time and need support less and less. Find a yoga teacher near you for expert help if you’re unsure where to begin or have any doubts.

Kirstie Bird is a yoga teacher and modern calligrapher ( Find her on Instagram @inkandflowlondon

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