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Sometimes we lose sight of the end goal when we're on the journey because the process can feel overwhelming and never ending. Have faith in the unknown and let your inner sense of knowing guide you. We do not need to see or have evidence of what will become but to simply have faith and trust the process and the journey.

Things may not go according to plan, events may cause a shift on your planned path but know that, often, these shifts will result in a more positive outcome and one that was meant to be. To trust the process you must trust that the reason that this is happening is because circumstances are rearranging for your higher good. I like to think of it as the stars align just when they are meant to.

Perhaps you have made a big decision in your life and are left wondering if you are embarking on the right path?

Or perhaps you are struggling with anxiety relating to a decision you have made or for a situation you find yourself in? Be sure to make decisions based on your delicate inner whispers, the energy that tugs at your heart and calls you towards what you love.

A lot of people have ideas and goals but don't move towards them for not wanting to feel or move through the fear. If you trust that the process will help you, you can push through that fear barrier.

I decided to trust the process when I quit my full time office job to follow my heart and do what I love for my career. I know deep down that this is the right path for me and therefore have and continue to trust that the universe will guide me in the right direction based on decisions I have made and continue to make. Learning and growing as I go. Sometimes unexpected things will appear and occur, embrace it.

Look outside of your comfort zone for answers and guidance, they are there, ready and waiting.

Try this pose...Camel Pose
This pose is perfect to accompany your mantra. Let your heart open and welcome in change and new beginnings.

Kirstie Bird is a yoga teacher and modern calligrapher ( Find her on Instagram @inkandflowlondon

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