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  • Bhekasana can help improve the overall flexibility of the body, especially of the hips, legs, back, core, shoulders and neck. It strengthens and improves overall body posture.
  • Massages the abdominal organs and glands, such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, pancreas and adrenal glands, boosting digestion and metabolism.
  • Improves the muscle strength of the arms, shoulders and the chest.
  • Increases flexibility in the hips.
  • Strengthens the knees and relieves stiffness from the knee joints
  • Stretches and massages the muscles of the back.
  • Enhances spinal flexibility and alignment.


  • Pushing the feet down: don’t force anything, just hold your feet gently. Forceful movement can lead to injury. Don’t push yourself up, but lift from the upper back instead and keep the core strong.
  • Hunching the shoulders: keep the shoulders relaxed and don’t let the head fall back, relax the neck and keep the head straight, looking forward.
  • Holding the breath: make sure to keep breathing… breathe deeply and slowly.


  • If you find this posture difficult to do, start with Ardha Bhekasana (Half Frog pose), by bending just one of the legs at a time, instead of both legs simultaneously.
  • Keep one arm in front of you and lean on your lower arm to keep your balance.
  • You can also use a strap around the foot or ankle if it’s challenging to reach it with your hand.


  • Perform this asana on an empty stomach or at least four hours after having a meal
  • Go easy on your body and take your time, do not hurry or push yourself. Take it slowly and gently.
  • If you experience any knee pain, release the pose
  • Do not perform this asana if you are pregnant or had a recent abdominal surgery.

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