Make the time

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. A meditation for procrastinators the world over. By Jill Lawson

Make The Time

Procrastination. We have all been guilty of it. While we might be fully cognizant of a looming deadline, some of us will wait until the last minute to start something that is too soon due.
Ironically, the definition of procrastination is, ‘the action of postponing something’, as if procrastinating was an active pursuit. Quite the contrary. When we procrastinate, we don’t act. We succumb to inaction while time keeps ticking away.

If you have a pending deadline or expectation on your horizon, and you’ve been putting it off, this meditation is for you. Procrastination doesn’t mean doom and failure; it just gives you less time to do what you need to do. When you’re crunched for time, use this meditation to your advantage.

Do it now

Find yourself in a comfortable position, free from thoughts of your agenda. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Scan your body to release tension, tightness, and stress. Spend five minutes in this preparatory practice, or until you feel completely at ease with your situation. Do not linger too long, as this is not another excuse to keep procrastinating!

Rather than feeling stuck and powerless over the end result, concentrate on the steps necessary to complete your goal. Do you need to be sitting at your desk? Picking up the phone? Typing? Visualise the steps required to do the task you’ve been postponing. See these actions as a means to an end. Release all judgement, fear, or aversion toward them. Continue with this guided imagery practice until you can completely focus on these actions without contempt.

By waiting to begin your project, you have become short on time, but don’t worry. It is time to explore Einstein’s theory of relativity and time dilation.

Imagine the finished product as a light at the end of a black-hole-like tunnel. In your mind’s eye, step into the tunnel, and remain focused. While you are in the tunnel, you will experience a time warp. It will feel like you are able to stretch out the seconds that count down to your due date. You must remain focused and in motion for this to work.

Now, start your project as if you were in the tunnel. Understand there is no escaping it until your project has been completed. Once your work is done, the gravitational pull of procrastination will end and you will be free to float in the universe of achievement. Until then, keep that tunnel vision. Godspeed!

Jill Lawson is a writer and yoga teacher in Colorado, USA (

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