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Happiness is your birthright. Find it at JOY

Fancy some Kundalini? JOY is a great place to start. Based in London, nowhere else in the UK can you get as much Kundalini under one roof (or Zoom account!).

“The prevailing ethos here is to help students experience a greater sense of ease in life,” says founder Jessica Banks / Sat Shakti Kaur. “Not that life is easy. But when you build up your physical vitality, your mental resilience and emotional stamina, it becomes easier to weather life’s storms. And better yet, face adversity with a smile. You can accept that happiness is your birthright. You can experience joy.”

JOY takes a purist approach to Kundalini Yoga, sharing the teachings – which have ancient roots – as they have been passed down. Undiluted. Fully potent.

Students can engage with the practice as much or as little as they like.

For some, an occasional class is enough. Others come seven days a week.

Some will try on various aspects of the yogic lifestyle – from a vegetarian diet to cold showers to pre-dawn yoga practice. The idea is to come as you are, to be uniquely you, and to take whatever aspects of the yogic practice that serve you. No more, no less. There’s no yogi mould you need to fit into to fit in at JOY.

“Kundalini Yoga is for every body.

In classes you’ll find medical doctors, visual artists, lawyers, school teachers, film makers, full-time dads, pensioners.

Keep your day job (if you’ve not yet retired). Have family (if that suits you). Be active in your community. Use the yoga to support you in all your endeavours.”

At a glance, Kundalini can seem strange. The way postures are experienced – with movement, chanting or specific breath techniques – is different from the Hatha and Vinyasa styles that are more prevalent in the West. As JOY teachers will tell you, just go with it! Have an experience. Often, the weirder, the better! And see where the journey takes you.

“At JOY, community is important. In class, the group energy can help you keep up and stay focused. Outside of class, your fellow students can help you digest the experience. Whether online or in person, there’s time and space to congregate after JOY classes. At the studio, freshly brewed Yogi Tea serves as an icebreaker and a sweet reward after class.”

JOY offers daily classes at the studio as well as online. Also on offer are a range of workshops that link to the tradition of Kundalini, from sound healing to astrology. For those ready to go deeper, there’s also teacher training. The studio is open to students of all ages and abilities.

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