How to make things just work out

How to make things just work out

The Happiness Explorer, by Lydia Kimmerling

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"Everything is working out for me."

Repeat this six-word mantra daily and you'll see your life improve – it's worked for me. This is one of my favourite mantras and lately I've been in the habit of saying it daily, which is making a big difference to my mood and how my day goes.

Mantras are powerful tools that have been used in various spiritual and cultural traditions for thousands of years. These repetitive words or sounds have a profound effect on the mind and body, and help you to have greater focus, inner peace, and spiritual enlightenment.

One of the main reasons why mantras work is because they help to quiet the mind. The mind is constantly bombarded with thoughts, emotions, and distractions, which can make it difficult to focus and find inner peace. By repeating a mantra, however, the mind is given a simple and repetitive task to focus on, which helps to quiet the mental chatter and bring about a sense of calmness and clarity.

Another reason why mantras work is because they have a vibrational quality that can resonate with our inner being. The universe is made up of sound vibrations, and each individual has their own unique vibration. By chanting a mantra, we are aligning our own vibration with the vibration of the mantra, which can help to bring us into a state of harmony and balance.

I believe that mantras have a spiritual power that can help to connect us with a higher consciousness or divine energy. I know that on the surface it may seem too simple but don't underestimate the power of your words and feeling them. Cultivating this energy in you until you feel yourself shift – even if it's just the slightest – puts you into a better feeling state that makes you more present to what you want.

I have the six-word mantra written on my mirror in my bedroom, so that when I wake up I see it straight away and start saying it to myself. I find that this programs my thinking for the rest of the day and I end up hearing the words in my head all day long. It replaces any self-doubt, worry or negative chatter I may have and becomes the internal script I've consciously chosen, instead of automatically slipping into something that doesn't make me feel good.

Anyone can do this but what's most important is that you do it for as long as you need to, until you feel the words. Build the energy in you. Shout if you need to. Move your body at the same time if it feels good. I needed this mantra to get me out of a patch of feeling like life wasn't working out for me. If you feel like life isn't working out for you, can you try it too? It's not magic, but it can feel like it when after a few days, you start to see how your life is changing because of where you are putting your attention and focus.

The month prior, I had a leak in the garden, the boiler broke down, I got a random fine and my tax payment went missing. Then, when I started to say this to myself daily, everything stopped going wrong and started working out for me. Little things like making a train I thought I would miss, to bigger things like gaining new clients. It's worth a try.

Do you think you will give this a go? Let Lydia Kimmerling aka The Happiness Explorer know how you get on, she'd love to hear from you! Find her on Instagram @lydiakimmerling

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