Online yoga teacher training

How are online yoga teacher training courses conducted? A few thoughts on what to expect from teacher trainers, Soul Work

Becoming a yoga teacher is not easy, but it is possible! With the advent of more online yoga teacher training courses, it’s worth looking at how these differ to in-person trainings and how they deliver their course content. The main benefit to learning online is that you can sign up without any kind of location issue; all you need is a digital device and a good internet connection. With that in mind, here are a few of the main course content delivery mechanisms:

Online video classes

The most common method is videos. There are countless training course providers using this method. Here, the training platform provides a set of instructional videos to their students that contain a complete knowledge set about the course content and any related material. After receiving all the videos, it’s then up to students when they access them to learn usually via an online portal.

Online chat

There is typically an online communication channel to provide support to students. This facility is available to all students to ask questions and navigate any challenges. It opens up a direct and two-way line of communication with the training provider

Live training sessions

Another method is live online sessions. This works in a similar way to offline classes, except teachers are ‘live’ and ‘online’. Here, you can get connected with the trainer directly which means students can get feedback and answers to queries immediately.

Sometimes that might mean limitations regarding timings; the trainers will be ‘live’ at a fixed time to provide lessons.


You may also come across eBooks. Many training providers are writing books on yoga where you can learn how to become an instructor by reading online. You just access an eBook on your laptop, PC, or mobile device whenever you want. All you need is a platform or application that supports the service provider’s eBook format.


Some people learn quickly by listening rather than through visuals or reading. For these types of students, online sources such as podcasts and other audio recordings can be useful. By choosing and buying into a training programme, you get to listen to any podcast or audio files and all in your own time.

Final thoughts

These are some of the main delivery methods that can help you get proper online yoga teacher training. However, choosing the perfect online training is not enough to become a good yoga teacher — along with this, you should put the proper effort into practicing and train hard to master the skills required on the mat, on top of any online learning.