Hopes and Dreams

Meditation of the Month. The ‘hope for wishes to come true’ meditation. By Jill Lawson

To hope for something is to desire a certain outcome. We all have hope at times, but how can just having hope make our wishes come true? Hope is indeed significant. It is a fundamental ingredient to having what we desire, but having hope with nothing else is rarely enough. We must incorporate faith and trust for our dreams to become our truth. The following meditation is designed to help you do more than hope so you can actualise your biggest wishes.

Do it now
Sit in a comfortable position, free from external distractions. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Allow your thoughts to go quiet and your mind to clear.

Imagine a field of dandelions on a midsummer day. Notice many of these dandelions beginning to turn to seed. Find a dandelion that carries a perfect globe of white seeds, and pick it up. Reflect back to when you were a small child. Do you remember making a wish before blowing dandelion seeds, hoping your wish would come true? Hope is simply the breath you took before scattering your wishes into the air. Now, in your imagination, make a wish, take a deep breath of hope, and blow on the seeds. Visualise the sprinkling of these seeds and wishes around you. See them float aimlessly in all directions. While you don’t know where these seeds will land, or how your wishes will come true, have faith that each seed is being carried and supported on its beautiful journey. Faith is the wind that carries the seeds to their destination, and your wishes to manifestation.

Now, focus your attention onto one seed and watch it spiral gracefully to the ground. See its white tendrils surrendering as it connects with the fertile soil. Once the seed has united with the earth, you must trust in its ability to germinate. Trust is nature taking its course. Believe the seed has been planted and everything is in order for your dreams to blossom.

Last but not least, imagine a new crop of bright yellow dandelions. See each dandelion as the manifestation of a wish coming true. Truth is simply the flowering of hope, but it must be carried by faith, and nurtured by trust, to be actualised. Take a moment to review this guided imagery meditation again and again. During each phase, allow yourself to fully embody what it means to have hope, faith, and trust. Practice, and may all of your wishes come true.

Jill Lawson is a writer and yoga teacher enjoying life on the island of Maui in Hawaii (jilllawson.net)

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