Have Yourself A Very Yoga Christmas

Have Yourself A Very Yoga Christmas

A different take on Yoga during the festive season - By James Adams

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Imagining Santa and his Elves doing sun salutations in his workshop gave me the giggles during a very damp and cold December afternoon.

Well why not? Making toys is very strenuous work. We have become, shall we say, a very demanding world. Christmas lists getting bigger and bigger each year. Santa and his Elves, more than ever, need to find a way to look after themselves, or no more presents for us.

And there we have it. Christmas films and sporadic daydreaming can lead to some rather strange observations.

Caution is advised.

Now in an attempt to sound a little bit serious, there is a reason for choosing to sprinkle some festivity into this article. Christmas being round the corner is one of them of course.

The other is the opportunity that it brings to shed some light on another perspective of Yoga that otherwise would be missed.

You see, sun salutations are great, but they don't need to be performed to be engaged in what we call Yoga. Nor a downward dog pose, and good luck trying to get a Reindeer to perform a headstand (sorry I'll stop now…).

Yoga has a broader and more universal definition. The true definition of Yoga is to yoke with oneself. In other words, know thyself in all of your glory.  Know thyself and know how the self is connected with other selves.

Having the awareness of other selves is the true spirit of Christmas. Christmas is the season of giving.

Therefore when one gives gifts at Christmas, one is engaged in Yoga. When one performs an act of charity or does something truly from the heart, one is engaged in Yoga.

This particular branch of Yoga is also known as Karma Yoga. Karma Yoga is the practice of giving without being attached to the fruits of the giving. In other words, nothing is expected in return.

Might it be fair to assume that Charles Dickens would approve of this type of Yoga? I know Tiny Tim would.

So to wrap this article up, in true Dickens style:

"God Bless Us Everyone"


James Adams

Student of life