Full Power Cacao in Full Effect

Full Power Cacao…in full effect

After a successful appearance on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den TV show earlier this year, the mystical power of cacao is set to hit the mainstream thanks to Full Power Cacao

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The power of cacao — which carries a multitude of mind and body health benefits — is spreading across the nation and beyond.

Full Power Cacao, a UK start-up which supplies 100% ceremonial grade cacao sourced from the forests of South America, has become a champion for this amazing product that has already gained huge traction among the yoga and wellness community.

Cacao ceremonies have become a fun and popular way to explore the benefits of cacao at yoga retreats and other gatherings.

Full Power Cacao’s founder, Liam Browne — who’s also a qualified yoga teacher — recently secured investment for his company from three ‘dragons’ on the hit TV show Dragon’s Den.

He’s now looking to take his company and the broader health and healing properties of pure ceremonial grade cacao to a global audience.

Full Power’s ceremonial grade cacao can be used to make delicious drinks, smoothies and to add into recipes for an extra special chocolatey twist.

The feel-good properties of the high-grade product are said to help with everything from muscle fatigue and heart health to stress and depression.

It’s also considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac: attending a cacao ceremony with a partner can allow for a deeper heart-based connection, bringing you both closer together.

In a similar way, Full Power cacao ceremonies are a celebration of all things bliss and healing, a bit like a spiritual adventure.

The ceremonies allow for deep healing and introspection, stilling the mind and opening the heart, allowing the true you to shine forth — ideal if you are looking for a part of your life to shift or just want a fresh perspective.

Browne says that as a yoga teacher, such cacao ceremonies can offer the greatest gift in propelling people towards their own self-realisation and enlightenment.

He wants to remind people that this is the true aim of yoga, and all its practices are designed to push us forward on such a path.

“Cacao opens the heart and allows people to explore their healing journey,” he tells OM. “Why be half power when you can be Full Power?”

Explore the world of Full Power Cacao at: fullpowercacao.com

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