Flow and Let Go

Flow and Let Go

Savasana, aka corpse pose, is one of the most important yoga poses ever experienced. However, instead of relishing in all of the goodness this pose brings, many people will use savasana to sort out their to-do list and ponder over pending agendas.

The following meditation is a useful guided imagery created to bring more awareness to savasana. Use it when your brain can’t settle down long enough to let your body relax and soak in the benefits of your yoga practice.

Do it now

Before reclining into the pose, take a moment to visualise white snowcapped peaks on top of very tall mountains. Let the snowy tops of these mountains signify your current state of awareness, and with that image in mind, begin to settle into savasana.

While lying on your back, allow your body to adjust into a comfortable position. Revisit the image of those snowcapped peaks, and see them beginning to melt away. During this section of the imagery, let your thoughts flow slowly, much like the melting waters, washing away all tension and anxiety.

Next, imagine the pure and clean liquid run-off from the snowcapped peaks picking up speed and merging into several larger streams that pour down the mountain.

Natural streams refresh the landscape, creating channels to move water, as energy, all the way to the ocean. As in our yoga practice, streams of consciousness can erode whatever is in our way to finding inner peace. In the body, our practice absolves tension, tightness, and fatigue. In the mind, our practice removes negative thinking, mental stress, and anxiety. Use this imagery to flush and clear your busy mind. If your thoughts begin to wander, bring them back to the imagery of melting snowcapped peaks.

Now, see all those new and swift moving streams merging into one unhurried river. As your body flows into a deeper state of relaxation, let your consciousness become just like this river. Allow your thoughts to be like slow-moving liquid as they flow through, and then out of your mind.

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