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A Yogi's guide to saving the planet

Watson & Wolfe Wallet

Luxury accessories have historically meant shopping for real leather, but the quality of non-leather textiles has improved beyond recognition in recent times. Introducing Watson & Wolfe and its range of wallets and purses, handbags and travel accessories which are handmade with low impact, sustainable materials in an ethical supply chain. Watson & Wolfe’s focus on being a responsible brand runs far deeper than the materials it uses. The company limits the amount of waste it generates and is developing its supply chain to reduce the brands carbon footprint. Plus, for every order they plant a tree!
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A Yogi's guide to saving the planet

Evolution Yoga Mat

Join the eco evolution with Yoga-Mad

The Evolution Eco Yoga Mat is one of Yoga-Mad’s top eco[1]friendly mats. Made from TPE material, this mat is recyclable  and degradable, perfect if you are looking for a mat that is  kinder to the environment. Combined with being eco-friendly,  it also provides excellent grip, is soft to touch, and with 4mm  cushioning it has everything you need for your practice. With  a carry strap included, carry your new mat to your next yoga  class or store away nicely at home! Choose from three colours:  Aubergine, Dark Blue, and Purple on Yoga-Mad.


A Yogi's guide to saving the planet

BAM Seamless Lighter-Weight 360º Stretch Leggings

Sustainable bamboo yoga leggings for comfort  and performance
BAM is a pioneer in all-things bamboo. It makes a whole range of cool  yoga kit, for both guys and girls, that feels great on the skin and is kind to  the planet. Firstly, the fabric: a natural alternative to synthetic materials,  bamboo viscose is not only super soft and supportive, but it is also naturally  breathable. BAM’s new Balance range of seamless yoga wear should tick  the box if you prefer a lighter-weight but still body-responsive legging. The  bamboo fabric’s 360º stretch provides total freedom of movement, offering  just the right amount of comfort and support for even the most demanding  pose. The leggings have a cleverly designed double layer of ribbing at the  waistband and on the ankle for an excellent fit, with no digging in. Available  in a warm Fig or classic Black with flattering contrast panels, and a range  of co-ordinating Balance tops. Bamboo has great eco credentials too and,  because of the super-absorbent fibre structure of the material, moisture  doesn’t sit on the surface of the fabric, so air cannot get to the odour[1]causing bacteria — this means you can wear the leggings for longer between  washing. Save the planet and save washing time! For the full range of yoga  wear visit the BAM website.


A Yogi's guide to saving the planet

Kulae Elite Hybrid Super Yoga Mat

The perfect choice for performance and planet.

The Kulae Elite Hybrid 5mm yoga mat is high functioning and  super absorbent. The bottom is made from supportive and highly[1]cushioned PER with a bamboo charcoal and microfibre top. The  top bamboo layer is designed to be super absorbent and gains  friction the more you sweat! Luckily, bamboo charcoal is also a  natural deodoriser! The soft touch top and cushioned bottom  makes all types of workouts more comfortable, which make this  mat an all- around performer and great for those sweaty workouts.  In addition to its performance credentials, the mat is one of the  most eco-friendly mats around. The Kulae Elite Hybrid is certified  Oeko-Tex (baby safe standard, no ingredients harmful to human  health) and US Standard ASTMD6400 certified biodegradable. Safe  from toxins, so does not remain a burden on our planet when you  are done with use. The perfect choice for performance and planet.  It is also machine washable.


A Yogi's guide to saving the planet

Jade Voyager Mat

A tree planted for every yoga mat sold!

The Jade Voyager mat is extra thin (1/16", 1.6mm) and extra light (1.5  pounds, 680g) and folds up to about the size of a yoga block to fit into  your suitcase or backpack. Great for yogis on the go and for those  who like closer contact with the ground. Don't look for the Voyager  for cushion, but it is the best choice if you have a limited amount of  storage space or will be using it over another mat. Just like you would  expect creases in your clothes when you travel, creases are a natural  consequence of folding the Voyager mat; effects will be minimised by  keeping your mat rolled when not traveling. Jade is everything you want in a yoga mat – cool colours,  incredible grip, great comfort and eco-friendly. The mats are made  in a sustainable manner with natural rubber tapped from rubber  trees, a renewable resource. Unlike many other mats, Jade mats  contain no PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber, and are made in the  USA in compliance with all US environmental, labour and consumer  protection laws. And, through a partnership with Trees for the  Future, the company plants a tree for every mat sold – with over two  million trees planted so far!


A Yogi's guide to saving the planet

The Amethyst Quartz Cream Moisturiser

A luxurious night cream for  earth-conscious sleepers

The Amethyst Quartz Cream from Zoe Bee Beauty. Combines  luxurious ingredients that work harmoniously with charged  Amethyst Quartz crystals to create the perfect night cream for  those who love their beauty sleep. The pure and natural Shea  butter is hydrating and nourishing, lovingly whipped with  carefully selected ingredients to achieve the goal of helping you  wake up after a peaceful night's sleep, with beautiful flawless  skin that is dewy, soft and fresh. It has blackcurrant and  açai extract which are packed full of antioxidants, vitamin  C and vitamin E, which keep the skin hydrated, firm, and  younger-looking. The Amethyst Quartz also has healing powers to help with  physical ailments, energy healing and chakra balancing.  Apply just before bed. Perfect for adults and babies. Cruelty-free and kind to the  planet (one purchase = one tree planted). Sales also support  an animal charity.


A Yogi's guide to saving the planet

One Village Neem Soap

Discover the benefits of neem oil

Neem oil (from the seeds of the neem tree) is known in the  tropics for its amazing benefits for skin. Many report how it  attends to dry skin and serious skin discomforts and blemishes.  One Village Neem soap contains almost 50% neem oil, with no  artificial chemicals and no animal fats. It’s an excellent soap for  everyone and comes wrapped in hand-made paper. For washing  the hair, this soap is better than liquid shampoo and avoids  plastic bottles and anticoagulants.  One Village was founded in 1979 to support small-scale  community enterprises in economically stretched places in Asia  and Africa. Sales directly benefit communities that are making a  difference, producing products with low carbon impact. Check  the firm’s website for functional products for the home including  duvet covers, fabrics, cushions, lampshades, rugs.

£16 for 4 bars, including UK p&p

A Yogi's guide to saving the planet

Bio D All Purpose Sanitiser

A powerful sanitiser from a green cleaning company From the kitchen to the bedroom, the Bio D All Purpose Sanitiser  spray can be used in all areas of the home and is perfect for  everyday cleaning. Available in a 500ml spray and refills, it contains  orange oil for natural degreasing properties and uses lactic acid to  neutralise 99.9% of harmful bacteria, whilst still being gentle on  skin. It’s a fantastic non-toxic, non-irritant all-round product to be  used in all areas of the home.  Bio D is an independently-owned ethical manufacturing  company, creating cleaning products that don’t cost the earth. It uses plant-based and naturally derived ingredients,  leaving out unsustainable ingredients that can potentially harm  the environment. It also has 100% traceability on all of ingredients,  so you always know exactly what is going into the products.

£2.86 (500ml)

A Yogi's guide to saving the planet

Lady Days Organic Cotton Black Period Pants

Eco-friendly alternatives for periods Handmade in the UK, to reduce carbon footprint compared  to imported options, Lady Days Organic Cotton Black Period  Pants are reusable and super kind to the planet. Did you know  that one cloth pad can replace 250 disposable pads? That  means a great reduction in landfill waste as well as a happier  planet breathing a big sigh of relief!  They also last a long time. Lady Days Organic Cotton Black  Period Pants last up to 3 years and the pads themselves can  last up to 10 years and beyond! They’re also more comfortable  than disposables.  The company was founded in 2012 by Helen Ward. All Lady  Days pads are handmade by Helen herself in her dedicated  studio in rural Yorkshire (the workshop is powered by 100%  renewable energy). She has also spent many years building  relationships with fabric manufacturers which allows the  company to produce an excellent product made using only  the highest quality of fabrics. All products are designed to give  customers many years of reliable use. Lady Days has a pad for everyone, all in eco-friendly  packaging. If you are just starting your cloth journey, it also  has starter sets to help you transition to cloth. There’s even  a made-to-order service, so if what you are looking for isn’t  available to ship straight away, the company is more than  happy to make your dream pad.

£18 (Lady Days Organic Cotton Black Period Pants)
£35 (Lady Days Cloth Pad Starter Set)

A Yogi's guide to saving the planet

Yoga Pieces Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

One mat sold = one tree planted

Yoga mats made from sustainably extracted tree rubber, topped  with an eco-polyurethane layer to provide the best grip possible for  your practice. Free from PVC, phthalates and other nasty harmful  chemicals, all mats are safe and non-toxic. The biodegradable mats  come in four unique colours, all with a dotted central alignment  line for guiding during your practice. Inclusive size of 183x68cm  and an optimal thickness of 4mm to provide enough cushioning for  your joints, but not too much to throw you off balance.  At Yoga Pieces, they pay close attention to the impact they  have on the world. From its packaging to the mats themselves,  the firm aims to make responsible choices each step of the way.  Mats are made from sustainably extracted natural rubber, which  not only boasts benefits for your practice, but is kind to the  planet too.  One mat sold = one tree planted. Since launching just five  months ago, the company has helped plant almost 400 trees in  Madagascar, Tanzania, Nicaragua, India and Nepal. And, when the time comes for you and your mat to part  ways, simply dispose of it along with general waste, as it will  biodegrade in landfill conditions in 2-5 years. This may seem like  a long time but comparing that to the almost 1,000 years it takes  for PVC mats to biodegrade, it's quite impressive.

£69 (incl. free shipping)

A Yogi's guide to saving the planet

Enhanced Collagen Booster and Lava Lip Gloss

Look good, feel good skincare from YNNY

This age-defying serum is from Yours Naturally Naturally Yours  (YNNY), a UK company specialising in handmade natural and  organic skincare products formulated from botanically based or  naturally derived ingredients. This serum is packed with ingredients that stimulate collagen  production, so it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars,  blemishes, cellulite, hyper-pigmentation and dark circles.  Also, lightens skin and evens out skin tone. The Lava lip gloss is packed with nourishing and highly  moisturising natural oils that gives great coverage but most of  all it leaves your lips shiny.  YNNY only uses IFRA - International Fragrance Association-approved  natural fragrances and essential oils and only sources ingredients from  suppliers who adopt ethical working practices. It also aims to source  ingredients locally to reduce overall environmental footprint. All products are handmade using artisanal methods in-house and in  small batches to ensure the products are fresh. It does not use water or  thickeners purely to expand, cheapen, or dilute any formulas.


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