Eco-friendly Yoga Mats

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Celebrating 20 years this year, ecoYoga mats are known for their amazing grip, designed with practical and aesthetic discretion to serve all and any yoga style. The strength and environmental qualities of jute, along with the historical Indian/Scottish jute industry, was the inspiration to create mats using jute fabric at their core. A 100% natural rubber blend provides the body of the mats offering the excellent grip and tactile texture. The mats wear along with the progression of your practice and in the end will degrade back to the earth. Created as an alternative to oil-based plastic and synthetic mats imported from cheap labour countries, ecoYoga mats are made from plant-based ingredients and have been manufactured in the UK since 2003.
£30 - £60

Size matters: 2mm - 4mm - 6mm
There are three thicknesses and two lengths to choose from:

A great introduction to ecoYoga mats and ideal if you carry your mat around. A solid grounding and an ecoYoga favourite
4mm: Provides enough support and cushioning whilst maintaining a firmness for good practice. This is the most common mat for practice.
6mm: More cushion, more squish and bounce than 4mm, yet firm enough for standing asana confidence.

6ft: A healthy length as standard length.
7ft: Great if you like your jump through fully on your mat and/or if you are over 6ft and like to keep head and feet on mat during savasana.
£15 - £60

The 5 ecoYoga colours
ecoYoga’s unique Colourfree option is exactly that: no colour, no pigment, no dye added. By consequence of latex being a creamy white compound these mats express the natural beauty that they are. The Coral Red mats are rich, warm and energising. The Dark Lavender, a deep night sky, between violet and indigo. The Dark Grey is cooling and neutral, and the Green, earthing and of the heart.

ecoYoga wabi-sabi Mats
All ecoYoga jute mats have character, a consequence of an uncompromising commitment to natural raw ingredients. Manufacture is a slow and unpredictable process. From within this process emerged ecoYoga's much sought after wabi[1]sabi mats. These mats imbue the path of acceptance toward imperfection and of the transient state. This is Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese term ecoYoga borrows with respect. Glitches are aesthetic only and all mats checked for practical use. Wild and generous, ecoYoga sell these mats for a song…the ultimate bargain and an amazing practice to share!
£15 - £28

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