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Real Good Ketchup

100% natural, no added sugar ketchup. Made from juicy Mediterranean tomatoes for natural sweetness, and no added nasties, it is the perfect sugar-free swap for ketchup lovers. Tomato and Smokey BBQ flavours are available. Available from Ocado and Wholefoods.
£2.20 (310g), £2.99 (685g)

FOP Visual_Arrabbiata Vegan_CMYK

The Vegan Arrabbiata Pizza

The White Rabbit Pizza Co has launched The Vegan Arrabbiata pizza. One for the plant-based heat seekers, it offers a bold tasty feast of spicy chicken-free strips with succulent sundried tomatoes, roast red onion and a generous topping of creamy vegan ‘mozzarisella’. The company has also launched two new plant-based foccacine breads made with gluten-free dough, The Garlicky Focaccine and The Farmhouse Focaccine. Both breads are sold in packs of two, making them perfect for sharing!
£5 (370g) The Vegan Arrabbiata
£3 (2 x 135g) The Garlicky Focaccine & The Farmhouse Focaccine


Popped Lotus Seeds

Plant-based brand Native Snacks has launched a rebrand of its Super Street Snacks, with a range of Popped Lotus Seeds. The popped lotus seeds come from the lotus flower, grown in Bihar, and are a much loved street food snack in India. Think of them as having the crunchiness of a crisp and as light as popcorn, all under 90 calories a pack, with 60% less fat than crisps, whilst also being vegan and gluten free. Three flavours to choose from: Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Chilli and Sea Salt & Pepper.
£1.10 (20g)


American Pistachios

New research shows that pistachios are a complete protein because they contain all nine essential amino acids in adequate amounts, so they are perfect for those who do not take animal protein. American pistachios provide fibre, are cholesterol free, and therefore are the perfect snack for weight control and drinking between meals, after a yoga session or after sports.

£2 (100g)

Om Magazine

First published in November 2009, OM Yoga magazine has become the most popular yoga title in the UK. Available from all major supermarkets, independents and newsstands across the UK. Also available on all digital platforms.