dating after lockdown

Dating after lockdown

Tips on manifesting your life partner. By Jill Crosby

The lockdowns were tough on singles…and couples for that matter! Singles reported feeling lonelier and more isolated than ever, and the divorce rate spiked post lockdowns for couples.

The good news is that many have done a great deal of deep soul-searching and have realised that sharing their life with someone who has similar visions, beliefs, passions, interests and values is a high priority. Having compatibility on multiple levels creates a strong base for a solid relationship. Throw in some amazing chemistry and great communication, and who wouldn’t want that?

If you’re desiring and ready to deeply love and connect with a someone, use some manifestation techniques to help speed up the process.

Imagining and feeling what it would be like to be with your special someone as if it’s already done, is an important part of manifesting. Your thoughts, emotions and actions all contribute to the energy of attracting your partner.

For example, imagine being in your favourite place to do yoga with your favourite person in the world (your new partner that you have manifested!).

dating after lockdown

Whether you are doing Partner Yoga, or just your favourite type of yoga together, it’s a beautiful way to deeply connect with your special someone. Imagine breathing together as you sink into a meditative state of peace and bliss as you hold each pose. Feel how good it feels to have them with you. Feel how loved you feel. Feel how deeply you love them. Feel that powerful sense of appreciation and gratitude. Amp up those feelings and be happy and grateful that you have attracted such an amazing partner!

Taking action is key in manifesting, and gets that energy moving in the right direction. Without taking action, it’s like dreaming of being a painter, but never picking up a paint brush. Or wanting to win the lottery, but never buying a ticket. If you want to meet someone special, join a niche online dating site that markets to singles with whom you resonate. Why not give yourself a large pool of singles to screen and potentially meet? ‘Niche’ dating sites are best because the nature of the site does a major part of the screening process for you. Remember, compatibility is key!

dating after lockdown

When you are using an online dating site or app soften your focus in regard to the photos of potential matches. Photos are just a quick snapshot in time and can’t capture the full essence of someone. Read their profile, see how they have answered the questions, and feel into them. Challenge yourself to be open to those that don’t look like your ‘programmed’ version of your future partner. Chemistry comes in all shapes and sizes! Contact those that you feel a connection with, no matter what they look like. Listen to your inner guidance and follow it. Most importantly, have fun, trust yourself and enjoy the process. It really does work!

dating after lockdown

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