Crow Pose – Dylan Ayaloo

Dylan Ayaloo takes us through Crow Pose (Bakasana), an arm-balancing asana.


Benefits of Crow Pose

Crow Pose is a powerful and graceful pose that strengthens the wrists, hands, and arms. It also tones the core, shoulders, back, and legs. In finding and maintaining the balance, strength, and poise the pose requires, it challenges us to let go of what the mind says and trust the innate wisdom of our body.

Common Mistakes

  • Lifting the buttocks high away from the feet.
  • Carrying the body-weight in the heels of the hands and not using the fingers to grip.
  • Not engaging the core and inner thighs.
  • Dropping the head.


It’s not unusual to fear falling forwards and at the beginning, it may happen. Remember that falling, and what we call ‘failing’ is all part of the learning process. After all, as babies, we didn’t just stand up one day and start walking. We fell, but we persisted. Be patient, focus on your progress, and it will come.


  • If you have a fear of falling, stack cushions, bolsters or pillows in front of you so that if you do fall, your landing will be soft.
  • Squat with the buttocks close to the floor and knees wide apart outside of the arms. Toes spread wide and active.
  • Place the hands flat on the floor or on blocks about shoulder width apart, with the fingers spread wide apart.
  • Stack the shoulders, elbows, and wrists on top of each other.
  • Keeping the toes on the ground, bend the elbows and bring the knees up towards the armpits with shins resting on the upper arms. Keep the head up and look forward.
  • Engage the core (uddiyana and mula bandhas) and squeeze the thighs inwards.
  • Coming onto the toe tips, shift the weight into the arms and hands. Curl the fingers slightly and grip the floor. Keep the buttocks low.
  • Start by lifting one foot off the floor towards the buttocks, then change to the other foot.
  • Play with lifting the feet until you can lift both simultaneously, toes touching.


Dylan Ayaloo is an international yoga teacher, and founder of Hot Power Yoga. Find him @dylanayaloo and

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