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Belle Roberts Headshot

Belle Roberts

Belle is a seasonal yoga teacher and practitioner based in Brighton and Hove. She specialises in building seasonal balance through movement, the breath and the mind. As well as teaching classes, workshops and retreats focused on seasonality, she also provides insights into seasonal living through her consultancy work and social media channels. Find her over on Instagram @belle.roberts_

Joanna Benn (33)

Jo Benn

Jo is a yoga teacher and also specialises in campaigning on international environmental issues. Having lived and worked in six countries, she considers herself a ‘global citizen’. Jo began her career as a broadcast journalist and has worked for various non-governmental organisations, think-tanks, the UN and for international news networks, foundations and print outlets. She is exploring how yoga and mindful action can benefit people and the planet. Find her at: or on Instagram @every_body_yoga_uk


Sarah Marie Liddle

Sarah is a Certified Professional Coach and Archetypal Consultant. She has been a coach for the past 15 years. Sarah coaches on a number of topics: archetypes, relationships, pleasure, wellness, trauma, sabotage, expression, co-dependency, love, grief, life — and how we live it. In this issue, she writes about Radical Forgiveness and how to embrace it. To learn more about Sarah and her work please visit:

Regular contributors:

Claudia Brown, Paula Hines, Meg Jackson, Victoria Jackson, Jenny Baker, Kirstie Bird, Jill Lawson, Kiki Morriss, Julia White

Words of wisdom

“Ahimsa is not mere negative non-injury. It is positive, cosmic love. It is the development of a mental attitude in which hatred is replaced by love. Ahimsa is true sacrifice. Ahimsa is forgiveness. Ahimsa is Sakti (power). Ahimsa is true strength.”


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